June 13, 2015

Here lies one who painted God and man alike,

Shed few tears on him, he was a real icon,

Painted noble ideas, he regarded as fun and service;

Thank the  lord he is still alive,

In his timeless, immortal paintings, this star of colours’

Death has to return from his doorstep.

Perhaps hardly anybody knows the Goddess Lakshmi that we pray to, on Diwali was designed by the Father of Modern Indian Art Raja Ravi Varma. Reason is not very difficult to understand. Indian media, academic and art world are in the grip of secularists and communists. For them art begins and ends with controversial anti-Hindu painter M.F.Hussain. So Indians have almost forgotten the real God of art.

Recently celebrated filmmaker Ketan Mehta has made a film on Raja Ravi Varma, titled ‘Rang Rasiya’, starring Randeep Hooda. On Diwali, the wife of Ketan Mehta and Deepa Sahi, also a film producer, were performing Diwali puja, and as they stood in front of a big – beautiful framed image of Goddess Lakshmi with folded hands, trying to please her and to get Her blessings to come and visit their home, Ketan Mehta asked his wife about the painter of the picture of Goddess Lakshmi.

Ketan Mehta told his wife that this is the copy of the painting of the greatest artist on earth, Raja Ravi Varma’s painting. It means that more than 150 crore of Hindu population worldwide bow their heads in front of his work and that makes him the single most popular artist on earth. So they decided to make a film of Raja Ravi Varma. Raja Ravi Varma has magical hands and magical creativity.

Unfortunately in the nation, only those names are remembered who are connected with Dalit and Muslim vote banks or who are endorsed and propagated by western world.  Raja Ravi Varma has none of such links, so this nation has almost forgotten him.

Without any confusion and dispute Raja Ravi Vearma is the Father of Indian Art. Government should establish at least an university of Fine Arts on his name.

He has many things to his name and credit :

  1. THE FIRST ARTIST/PAINTER TO GIVE SHAPE/FACES TO THE HINDU GODS: Before him, there were no uniform shape or faces of Hindu Gods and Goddesses and there used to be different types of statues and figures made of clay. But Raja Ravi Varma gave excellent shape and faces to Hindu Gods and Goddesses. It is the  most powerful contribution to Indian civilization and culture.
  2. HE BROUGHT SECULARISM AND EQUALITY IN THE HINDU SOCIETY: He made it possible to all, including Harijans or low caste Hindus to pray in front of the pictures and statues of Hindu Gods and Goddesses. In other words, he was a real harbinger of secularism and equality much before modern day so called messiah of secularism and social justice.
  3. HE WAS THE REAL BRAIN BEHIND THE CREATION OF SARI, NATIONAL ATTIRE OF INDIAN WOMEN: This is the most surprising reality. Raja Ravi Varma created and developed the fashion of Indian Sari.
  4. HE WAS THE FATHER OF THE ART OF CALENDAR:  He was the first commercial artist who brought out Gods, Goddesses, temples and great men out of temples, books and museum. He printed them on sweet (mithai) and match boxes, calendars, posters, saris, sign boards, etc., so that common man can see them.
  5. THE FIRST TO MAKE POSTERS FOR THE FILMS : He was the first famous and important painter who started, painting film posters.
  6. INVENTOR AND THE FIRST ARTIST/PAINTER TO START COLOUR PRINTING AND  COLOUR PRINTING PRESS:  He brought technology into art and painting and became the first man to have started a colour printing press and colour printing.
  7. THE HIGHEST PRICED INDIAN ARTIST/PAINTER:  His paintings have got as high as Rs. 30/= crore, highest price for any Indian piece of art, own his own,  without any promotion or endorsements.
  8. A SPECIAL POST OFFICE TO HANDLE HIS MAILS ONLY :  He was so popular a figure that he would get loads of fan mails forcing the then British government to have opened a special post office only to handle his mail.
  9. HE WAS THE FIRST INDIAN TO BE AWARDED THE HIGHEST CIVILIAN AWARD ‘KAISAR-E-HIND’ BY THE THEN BRITISH GOVERNMENT :  The then British government acknowledged his merit and contribution to the field of art by awarding the highest civilian award’ Kaisar-E-Hind’ But secular Indian government is yet to acknowledge his merits and contribution.
  10. THE GREAT GRAND-FATHER OF INDIAN CINEMA : It is a well known facts that Dadasaheb Phalke is considered the father of Indian cinema and in the film industry the highest award is in the name of Dadasaheb Phalke. But no body knows that Dadasaheb Phalke started his career as an trainee under Raja Ravi Varma.


May 31, 2015

Secularism is a great notion and all the nations of the world must follow it. But in India secularism means appeasing minorities, especially Muslims or support every thing Islamic, he will be honoured as staunch secularist. Similarly, if one is critical of Hindus, one will be treated as staunch secularists.

The order dated April 19, 2012, of Bengal chief minister Mamata Banerjee is of this category. With this order she started a new low of secularism. In this order, the state’s department of minority affairs and madrassa education decided Rs. 2,500-a-month honorarium to imams and Rs. 1,000 a month for muezzins.

This is a big amount seeing the poor condition of the people of Bengal. Even ordinary and educated Muslims are against this provision.  What is the service of an imam for the people or the state to get a state salary. Secular Didi’s government went ahead with it, but fortunately the Calcutta high court struck down the ‘imam bhata’ in September 2013.

Again a great secular idea came to Secular Didi in 2012, to establish a hospital exclusively for Muslims at Bhangar in South 24 Parganas, but the communal move was sharply criticized so government shelved the great idea.

She announced to start a separate engineering exams for minorities and a Rs. 500-crore plan for the maintenance of mosques and Muslim clerics’ and organized a massive rally in Kolkata in support of the mastermind of the genocide in Bangladesh in 1971.

With the massive intrusion from Bangladesh In Bengal, the minority vote bank has become most powerful. They vote en-mass. The Muslim population rose to 26%, almost double the national average. Latest Census data shows a 5-7% increase in just 10 years in districts of Assam and West Bengal bordering Bangladesh.

This vote bank kept the left parties in power for thirty four years. Now this Muslim vote bank is with Mamta Didi. Migration from Bangladesh has now taken dangerous turn. But lately radical and terror elements chased away by the Sheikh Hasina government finding safety and protection in Trinamool Congress-ruled Bengal for votes and muscle power.

With all this it appears as if Islam has become a state religion and Hindus are second class citizens. Even one can see open cow slaughter to intimidate and drive out Hindus. Cow smuggling and rising crime by Bangladeshis are treated as no crime. All this while Secular DIdi  looks only for vote bank like communists.

In the year 2013 Syed Noor-ul-Rehman Barkati, the shahi imam of the Tipu Sultan mosque, claimed that he stopped writer Salman Rushdie’s entry into Kolkata by a mere phone call to the CM. The year ended with the Kolkata police forced to stop the screening a TV serial, Dusahobas, scripted by Taslima Nasreen after radical groups complained that it would hurt religious sentiments of Muslims.

When all this was going on another communal NGO, Snap and Guidance Guild came out with a report in mid-2013 on the ‘Status of Muslims in West Bengal’.

And Didi bowed to its communal recommendations as UPA government bowed to to Sachar report in 2005.

Due to such blatant Muslim appeasement policies, Bengal has become a safe paradise for Muslim terrorists and criminals. The CBI is probing the angle that money from the Saradha scam was diverted to Bangladeshi Jamaat jihadis fighting against the moderate and friendly Sheikh Hasina government. It is also investigating links of TMC MPs and other leaders with extremist outfits.

Now number of TMC leaders and workers are found to ne linked with terrorists or terror outfits. Recently a bomb goes off in Burdwan district this month, in a house owned by a local TMC leader, killing two who the NIA suspect were making bombs for jihad in Bangladesh. One can read such news everyday in the newspapers.

Things have gone much beyond. Now Didi model of secularism and appeasement are become a threat to national security. Bangladesh can even accuse an Indian state of sponsoring terror on its territory. Similarly there is no check on earnings from Waqf, masjid, mazars, madarsas, Quran recitation, etc.,

Secularism is total destruction and perversion. All lies and fabricate story to show Muslims as victims. Muslims are the most privileged and empowered people in this country. Such reports must be scanned before publication. They are considered as holier than the holy cows. It is the tendency of all to appease them and blame the entire nation for even as bad cough to a Muslim. Actually Muslims are the single biggest vote bank and second biggest community after Hindus. But due to communal vote bank politics they have got minority tag and corner maximum number of benefits.

Now secular Didi is going with patriotic PM Shri Narendra Modi. Only time will tell weather Didi remains secular or becomes a patriot.


May 31, 2015

India has two line – 1- The Line of Control (LoC), between India and Pakistan — dividing the Indian portion of the erstwhile princely state of Jammu & Kashmir from its Pakistan-occupied  Jammu & Kashmir. 2 — The Line of Actual Control (LAC) separating India and China, or a Cease-Fire Line (CFL).

These lines were established when the last major wars with these countries  — the 1971 War with Pakistan, 1962 War with China and the subsequent withdrawal by the Peoples Liberation Army to a more suitable, more defensible and more logistically maintainable line to him.

India was a merely a mute or helpless party.

Under the international law, a ceasefire line is just that — a provisional stand-still accord ending active military operations without surrendering legal or other claims on territory held by either country pending a final negotiated settlement of the boundary.

Implied in the notion of a CFL, therefore, is the sanction available to any of the parties to violate it at any time for any reason, including gaining of military or other advantage or strengthen of territory to bolster its claims.

This is the legal status of the LoC and LAC that both Pakistan and China respectively supposed to stay on.

But, India has been adhering to these line i.e., LoC., LAC.  and CFL.. but neither China nor Pakistan ever care for these agreements. Above all, these lines are marked on Indian land. Meaning there by that China and Pakistan are sitting on Indian land or Indian boundaries have shrunk.

India, strangely, has espoused the sight that these Lines are, for all intention and purposes, international borders whose violation New Delhi will not accept. But neither China, nor Pakistan care for New-Delhi.

Due to this policy of surrender and acceptance by India of the LoC as a settled border,  has weakened New Delhi that it cannot raise boundary disputes in other areas like in western Kashmir and the Northern Areas, inclusive of Gilgit, Hunza, and Baltistan illegally occupied by Pakistan since 1947, thereby strengthening the Pakistani claim that the only matter remaining to be resolved is the status of Indian Kashmir and all other areas are Pakistani territory.

What a great nation we are or we have no nationalism and patriotism. Always ready to give our land to enemy nation or we are afraid of their might.

Same is our attitude with China when we talk about boundary dispute. We have accepted the Chinese seizure of Tibet and the violent incorporation of the Tibetan people by supporting the myth of an ‘autonomous region of Tibet’ as integral part of China. We have embolden the Chinese position that peace will come when Arunachal Pradesh is also given to China as only another part of Tibet — ‘southern Tibet’ — is surrendered to Beijing. India has thus lost ground politically, legally and morally vis-à-vis both Pakistan-occupied Kashmir and Chinese-occupied Tibet.

Where as it is an universal truth that Kashmir and the Northern Areas, inclusive of Gilgit, Hunza, and Baltistan are integral part of India. Similarly Tibet was an independent nation before Chinese invasion. Not only this in India there is very strong pro-Pakistan and pro-China lobby which support Pakistan and China blindly in all the c disputed and matters.

Neither Pakistan nor China has made such suicidal mistake as Indian has committed, and repeatedly violate the LoC and LAC with armed intrusions, artillery duels, air, and indiscriminate firings, to highlight the disputed nature of these borders and to ensure their individual territorial claims are alive and strong but new Delhi remain silent or dance to the  enemy music, or barks for for the status quo sanctity which New Delhi pleads. .

Thus, frequent military intrusion on the LoC and LAC by on the borders by Pakistan and China, are doomed with tensions being fuelled by sensation-seeking 24/7 electronic media and print media, both in fact are pro-enemy and as ignorant of the meaning of CFL in international law as the officials of external affairs (MEA).

Main reason of India’s problems with the LoC and LAC is the weak and un-patriotic the Indian political leadership, the Indian government, and especially the MEA. Indian media, secularist, communists, NGOs, activists, etc., have also weaken Indian position by criticizing their own government and supported the enemy nations.

Indians lack what great theorist of geopolitics Halford Mackinder called, “the map-reading habit of mind”. The importance of growing and safeguarding sovereign territory on land and sea is rarely understood by Indians. Even in meetings and conferences Indian nonsensically talk and hallo high morals.

Indian leaders have no patriotic feelings. They shout hallow slogans like non-violence, brotherhood,  friendship, secularism, social justice etc., which have no meaning for either to Pakistan or China.

This unprofessional and unpatriotic attitude was shown by Late Shri Lal Bahadur Shastri at Tashkent, surrendered to the sycophancy of Field Marshal Ayub Khan seeking “rahmat”, and our great kindhearted generously returned to Pakistan the Haji Pir, unmindful of the great sacrifice our soldiers made to capture it in the September 1965 War, without knowing its strategic importance for Indian Kashmir and which piece of land has ever since been used by Pakistan to infiltrate terrorists and Jihadis in J&K and elsewhere.

Six years later same mistake was repeated by Late Indira Gandhi with great pride, with Bangladesh liberated, 93,000 Pakistani Prisoners of War (PoWs) for bargain, and Islamabad on its knees, a supposedly hard-headed, Indira Gandhi, again surrendered to Pakistan, instead of caring for the interest of India, in a mysterious, misplaced bounty, accepted the cajoling of  Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto’s who after sighing the agreement vows to fight a thousand years war.

India still paying very heavy price due to shortsightedness of Lal Bahadur Shastri and Indira Gandhi. .

Main reason of such political high-handedness is that the Indian military simply does not press the elected rulers and the Indian government to do the right thing for the nation. They also remain silent on such crucial occasions.

Some years back the then government headed by Dr.Man Mohan Singh was almost vacating Siachen Glacier, of Indian troops but in an unprecedented warning by some patriotic generals, it has to stop its plan.  The so called grand compromise with Pakistan could never see the light of the day.

The value for geography and the spatial concerns of strong strategy were at the core of British imperial policy of ‘distant defense’ based on Indian control of the Indian Ocean, influence in regions stretching from the Caspian Sea to Central Asia, and the strengthening of the ‘Mongolian fringe’ to the north and the North-East. Same policy is adopted by today’s superpowers America, Russia and China but Indian leaders never learn any thing.

Those strong geo-strategies were discarded by Jawaharlal Nehru. He has more faith in his romantic antics. For the sake of so called peace and friendship Nehru gave Tibet to China on a platter, never spoke on the taking of Aksai Chin by China, Coco Islands were gifted to Myanmar and, in 1974, the Kachchateevu Island to Sri Lanka. India has never recovered. Perhaps again Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi is committing the same mistake, with the implementation of much-hyped Indo-Bangladesh boundary agreement.

India nor Indian leaders are ready to learn from past failures and beatings. Indian boundaries are very regularly shrinking and there is no sigh of stopping this shrinking. Our first love are hollow slogans like friendship, brotherhood, non-violence, secularism, social justice and nation last.


May 29, 2015

Few months back Microsoft CEO Shri Satya Nadella remarked that women workers before asking for any pay hike, must see their contribution to the company. Means; . First Deserve than Desire.’ There was a big furor over his remark. His comment was very simple and innocent – that was to connect Action or ‘karma’ with pay rise. There was nothing wrong in this comment. But feminists and activists branded Him as ‘gender insensitive’.

When his senior colleague and a Microsoft board member, asked to explain the views more clearly about his advice, Nadella said: “It’s not really about asking for the raise but knowing and having faith that the system will actually give you he right raises as you go along. And that, I think, might be one of the additional superpowers that, quite frankly, women who don’t ask for raises have,  because that’s good karma. It’ll come back. Because somebody’s going to know: That’s the kind of person that I want to trust. That’s the kind of person that I want to really give more responsibility to.”

Every where there is a growing tendency to project oneself as a victim, weak  or backward and trey to usurp best deals with less merit or less work.  So most women get  less while their male counterparts get much higher packages.

With this mind set, in India so many groups have emerged who presents themselves as victim, weak or backwards and garner packages for which they do not deserve. Reserve quotas, subsidies and special packages or given to such groups for engineering such designs. SC, ST, OBC, Woman, Handicapped, Minorities etc., are some of the groups designed for this purpose.

Nadella was referring to this type of mind set – why women are disinclined to work more and here he attribute the hesitation of women in the doctrine of Karma, which will flow them over to bring good results. West have created different classes to gain sympathy in the third world countries and ultimately divide them and weaken them. But Indian philosophy of Karma makes a big difference.  Karma is the most important act – one can change, one’s past Karma by working good Karma in this life.

Hindu philosophical books say this philosophy. Vedas, Upanishads, Manu Smriti, Gita etc., emphasize this theory of Karma. But western mind failed to understand or misunderstood the statement and Nadella had to tender a public apology, because of big cultural difference and understanding.

If we see Nadella’s ‘ anti woman’ remark from a positive feminist stand, his reference to Karma could be treated as pro-female – that women are more creative, developed and hard working and they don’t require to be forceful as men are , because not only are they more convinced of their potential and merit and less insecure than men and hence refrain from being aggressive in demanding for equal or more pay packages…. Knowing and knowing well that they don’t need to speak but their work speaks for them.  Good work will be recognized and fetches rewards and higher packages for them. They don’t need to beg or fight for the higher packages.

We live in a flawed world where different meanings are doctored according to suitability or profitability. So Nadella’s statement was also twisted as ‘sexist’ or ‘anti-woman’ and the more important point, where rights and responsibilities or duties are balanced out, was completely ignored. Unfortunately, we live an unfair world, where ‘Zero is Hero and Hero is Zero’ and leaving no scope for the philosophy of Karma.

Here it would be very appropriate to read the Gita. Krishna talks to his own elements in this universe, ‘Yoga of Divine Glories’ or ‘The Yoga of Manifestation’ (Ch. X.) . He says, “ Among women I am the goddess presiding over fame, prosperity, speech, memory, intelligence, steadfastness and forgiveness.” Here even the Lord presents Himself as a woman to present the highest qualities that are allied  with true leadership and selfless service. Lord Krishna, again says in the Gita, “ Do thy duty without an eye on the fruit of your actions. ”

Western media, leftists feminists cannot understand or feigned not to understand this deep Hindu philosophy of Karma and faith in women and for that matter Nadella himself perhaps could not understand what he said – hence he failed to explain the half baked western media and leftists feminists. Or condition around him might have forced him to retract from his own statement.

Indian philosophers and leaders like Swami Vivekananda, Mahatma Gandhi, etc., find solace in the philosophy of ‘Nishkam Karma,’ and Gandhiji particularly by the guiding principles of the Gita and particularly by “Nishkam Karma’ was able to carry forward his famous ‘Satyagraha’ and ‘Ahimsa’ and was able to attain independence and throw out the British, who recognized that ‘Gandhiji’s ‘Karma, Satyagraha and Ahimsa’ are nothing but – a struggle for human dignity.

Now corporate and business houses should understand and cultivate a sense to honor dignity and social responsibility, as emphasized in the Gita, there will be total equality at the workplace. Perhaps this is what Nadella was trying to say but failed to convey his message to half baked minds. Famous Hindu Saint Satya Sai Baba in his famous book, ‘Sai Divine Literature,’ says the same thing in Chapeter — III, ‘The Glory of Womanhood.’


May 15, 2015

When left bare, unprotected, unsheltered under burning sun,

When left in lonely in forests,  infested with noxious creatures,

When left alone to sink in tsunami, tornado and tempest,

Blessings of mother is always there to protect you and hug you.

She is always there to take all the pains, sorrows and miseries,

Protects her child from burning sun but she open to hot sun;

Protects her child from biting cold but she is bare under snow;

Mother remains hungry and thirsty but feeds her child a plenty.

Mother lives and dies with only a religion, to bless and to pray;

To shower all the joys and pleasures of the world,

And ready to suck all ill omens and bad luck;

So that her child can live with highest joy and bliss.

In the lap of mother lies the Heavens on earth,

In her blessings, blesses the angel Himself.


May 15, 2015

Fixed and tyrannical mind,

Demanding  blind submission,

And ready to  slay one and all,

Who questions the dreadful faith.

Jihadis claim unlimited rights,

And brand him infidel,

And subject to brutal death,

Who tries to make them man.

Kills for a cause quoted in hate,

Crime against humanity,

For him the highest faith,

Killing is his only faith and ideology.

Abhor peace and silence,

Game of death he finds in Book,

For his green paints the land red,

Soul dead and body in shroud.

Never spares neither man nor God,

He is not a man but a killing machine,

Killing and death is his game,

Pray for the death of Jihadi and with his faith.


May 15, 2015

Joy is an epithet, hunt for recognition;

Carried by all souls, leading to completeness.

Yearning  to march apart and noticed;

With a declaration of fulfillment,

Announcement of best self.

Dazzling the finest persona and uniqueness.

Alluring luxurious elegance,

Designed for excellence for life and living,

Craving flawless, graceful and  beautiful,

Add majesty and splendor of Joy of Luxury …


May 15, 2015

Life and man move together,

Like life and death living together.

He is a fraction of,

The walking shadows,

Dead or alive,

Only Almighty God decides,

Haunted by graves and graveyards;

Black Mondays to Sundays;

Cold and dark January to December,

Where game of death is,

The only reality of life and time…..


May 15, 2015

Quotas and quotas,

The swelling of sluggishness, digging the nation down,

Never ending holocaust and depression,

For merit and excellence.

Here the Koel stammers its dying throat,

Here the naught smells all the flowers,

Here great gurus and scholars are unemployed,

Dying un-noticed and un-recognized.

Here pot-bellied Buddha only smiles,

On this game of death.

In this sleeping nation,

The great all – all knowing,

Know nothing,

Who remembering the dark days,

Shown by false Messiah V.P.Singh,

Who declared merit a curse,

To be zero, a hero but with a tag of quota.

N.B: This poem is a tribute to Late Sarita Dewedi, a Brahman girl, from Village Malha, Kakori, UP., India who committed suicide for not getting job due to caste based reservation/quota system in India.

V.P.Singh- Former Prime Minister of India, who implemented Mandal Commission recommendation, which gave reservation/quotas to certain castes in India. Large number of youth committed suicides and self immolated, opposing caste based quota system.

Read –  Amar Ujala, Friday, 8 May, 2015.

Read –, 14 May, 2015.

Read – News18, 14 May, 2015.

Read –, 14 May, 2015.


May 15, 2015

Lives were rattled in a moment,

Only devastation and devastation!!!!

The empire of death and destruction,

Deaths, blood, wounded and  Hunger!!!

Crying, wailing but no solace.

The hunger, the sweat, the cries,

Trying to beat – the death and time.

Wounded hands – assisting wounded;

Broken back, legs and hands,

Struggling to re-start – once again.

Disheveled hairs, malodorous bodies,

Yet from sunrise to moon rise,

Struggling between life or no life;

Even stars hide and refuse to shine for them,

Only silence of dark and death – their dreams.

They need love, care and blessings,

But media, NGOs, activists, all jostle;

Like butchers, scrap dealers or grave diggers;

Heaven does not smile nor hunger stop;

Death and death all the way and day, and keeps smile at bay…..

N.B: This poem is a tribute to the victims of earthquake in Nepal. ( First on 25 April, 2015 and second on 12 May, 2015.)


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