Old Lady and Her daughter-in-Law

December 19, 2016

The night was dark. It was past midnight. Torrential rain created almost havoc in the dark night. The only sound audible was thunderbolt and the only light was sky light. I was coming back to Ghaziabad from Dehradun, after attending the marriage of my friend’s daughter.
Due to the bad weather, I was driving my car very slowly and carefully. My wife was seated on my side seat. She was very scared of the terrible, dark night. Suddenly, the environment almost blasted by lightning and thunderbolt. Scary, my wife held my hand tightly.
“We were very nervous. Perhaps it was the wrath of nature. If it had not been disturbed, nature’s fury would not have been had such an impact. I had wanted to tell the world …not to cut the trees, but…”
“Yes, look at the houses, people build. All are completely smashed, laid flat on the ground. But where we were? We have never seen such fury of nature.”
We did not realise that there was someone around us.

In the lightning, I saw an old woman jumping in front of my car. I applied the brakes with full force. The car stopped with a blaring sound. The old lady was badly wounded and her entire face was covered with blood. The scene was very ghastly. The wounded old lady came near to my car and pleaded with folded hand, to down the window glass.
She said, “My car has met an accident and fallen in a deep trench and her daughter is trapped inside the mangled car.” She requested to come with her and rescue her daughter.
Terrified wife asked to start the car and move away. But I thought that the lady must be in dire need of help and I decided to accompany the old lady and help her. Leaving my wife alone in the car, I came out of the car and followed the lady.
The lady limped and moved slowly. The car was very far and in the very deep ditch. We both reached to the accident sight. The car was badly mangled. A beautiful, young lady, very beautifully dressed in a red saree was lying unconscious trapped inside the car.
With great difficulty, I took the lady out of the damaged car. But after this, I saw another frightening scene. On the driver’s seat, another lady was laying. She was also badly injured. I reached near to her. The scene made me out of my senses. I became almost deaf and dumb and could not even breathe. She was the same old lady who brought me here. She was laying dead there on the driver’s seat.
After some efforts, the beautiful young lady regained consciousness. She asked, “Where is my mother-in-law?”
Shocked I and my wife muttered: “For the life of her daughter-in-law, she fought the death and rough terrain and delayed the death and save the life of her daughter-in-law.”
But, “How dreadful, that this should happen!”
“Yes…but this had never happened before…the rains, storms, lightning…come every year. And rainstorm is very heavy, so many a times during the rainy season…But such night never has seen before.”
There was an ancient temple in the forest, centuries old. It was built by the tribals…the peepal tree was much older. The triangular formed by the groove with a peepal, a banyan and a mango tree at each corner is unique and most auspicious with a temple in the center. No harm could have come to it. “But look today…like a very bad omen, everything is devastated.”
In about five days, the blood rendered the air stinking and sickening. The police found nothing wrong in the forest, ensnared by the weighty grip of stones and mournful trees: her blood and rotten flesh identified only by her broken bangles and saffron saree. The road was declared an unsafe zone by the police and all the illegal manmade structures were removed for safety reasons.
The only structure left was ancient temple housing all merciful smiling Gods. The faith of devotees remained unshaken, as had all the creatures who were the companions of God in this little oasis.
The trees seem to be crying with tears. Their white sap dripped where the branches were hit by the car and had been ripped away.  The banyan, the peepal and the mango, all were wounded where the ill-fated car had hit. They stood like amputated humans, not trunks but stumps whose limbs had blown off by a Jihadi bomb blast. There was now a mysterious silence all over the place, not at all the tranquil peace of oasis. The devotees noticed that the parrots, the monkeys, the ducks, the pigeons, the koels had fallen silent as if dead by the impact of the accident and the death of the old mother-in-law. But no one questioned. All have tears.
Slowly and slowly, the tender green shoots grew from every nook and cleft of the accident site when the rains washed off all the scars and in a few months, the monkeys, the parrots, the peacocks, the pigeons  and searching for home, joined the Gods and played and smiled from their safe chambers, covered under the fresh green roof. Only a sadhvi dared to live there after sunset. It was said that the soul of the same old lady, entered into the body of this old sadhvi and had made the temple as her permanent abode through the branches of the grove.
Newlywed brides and wives regularly visit the temple to get the blessings of the Gods and sadhvi for a safe and peaceful married life.

A Wounded Mother-in-Law

December 14, 2016

Past midnight dark, raining heavily;
Me and my wife, going back home;
From a party, far from the maddening crowd.
Scared, driving slow;
Thunder and lightning, ceaselessly.
In the light of lighting, dreadful;
Saw me, a disheveled-bleeding old woman.
Stopping the car,
But scary wife asked, “Why did you stop the car? ”
I pointed towards the woman bleeding,
The scene made wife scarier.
Bleeding woman came to the car
And pleaded to down the glass.
Terrified wife asked,
To start the car and move away.
Seeing her pathetic condition,
Thought me, she wanted some help;
Feared, wounded lady stammered to speak,
Brother, my car met an accident and fallen into a deep pit.
My daughter is trapped in the mangled car.
Please! Save her.
Came out of the car, accompanied the woman.
Reached far and deep, near the car;
Saw, a young beautiful woman trapped in the mangled car.
Took the unconscious daughter out,
But saw another badly-wounded-bleeding woman,
On the other seat.
The terrible scene made me out of senses.
On the other seat lay dead the same old lady.
The beautiful young lady regained her consciousness
And asked, “Where is my mother-in-law? ”
Shocked I and my wife muttered:
“For the life of her daughter-in-law; her mother-in-law,
Fought death and rough terrain to save her dear daughter-in-law.”

Thanks, PM Modi: Hindus are a Factor 

October 30, 2016

Thanks to Pm Modi, Hindus are a big factor in the presidential elections in America. Republican candidate Donald Trump said at the Republican Coalition concert “I’m a big fan of Hindu and a big fan of India,” . At the glitzy event, Trump lit Diwali lamps on stage and assured that if he became president, the “Indian and Hindu community will have a true friend in the White House”. His daughter-in-law Lara Trump also participated in a temple in Hindu Diwali celebrations at Virginia. The first time, in the history of America, Hindus are getting this type of honour.
This is an absolutely a new development in the history of America. Earlier nobody cared for Hindus. Only Blacks and Muslims were wooed during elections in America. The credit for this kind of change goes to the pro-Hindu nationalist politics of Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi. Now the impact is clearly visible in America.
In, Edison, New Jersy, in the heartland of the Indian-American community, Trump was hailed as a man Hindus of America should vote for, as placards declared “Hillary for prison” and “Trump great for India”. Now Hindus of America are completely rallying behind Trump. Now they are one in the vote, support and elect Donald Trump as the President of America.
In a big show, with the replica of Michael Jackson, entertainers and dancers dressed as US Navy Seals circling to Bruce Springsteen’s ‘Born In The USA,’ the event was a big hit. It indicated on a big and strong alliance between Trump supporters and the nationalist supporters of PM Modi. So, Trump and Modi have understood the threat posed by the Islamic terrorists and fanatics and are Republican Hindus creating awareness about this serious threat.
Trump’s 2016 campaign has been following to Modi 2014 election campaigning. Trump’s slogan, ‘Let’s make America great again’, could well be compared to Modi’s urge and desire for ‘achhe din’ for the people and nation.
Both Trump and Modi are lone fighters that put nation and people above party and leaders. Both rely on very big media-driven publicity campaigns, and both pour scorn on paid, corrupt, and biased journalists. While Trump labels the media “scum”, Modi refers to the press as “news-traders”. To fight this type of media menace, Trump has associated himself strongly with rightwing websites and plans to set up his own Trump TV, unfortunately, if he loses; Modi’s supporters had also planned on starting NaMo TV. In an important similarity, the Indian media was badly against Modi in 2014 and so as the American media which has declared war on Trump.
Yet both Modi and Trump are supported by the rise of nationalist and patriotic media united to the cause of nation and people. Both are popular figures who influence their followers and audience with artful and sound logics. Both have created a new type of politics where hyperboles have no place and it has been replaced by reality. Both have utilised social media to great effect to counter the lies and hate, spread by corrupt and fixed media. Both are facing head-on with political opponents who are examples of an increasingly discredited-corrupt political ideology driven by corrupt dynastic politics. Trump and Modi have placed themselves as the anti-establishment newcomers, one challenging the Washington elite and the other the robbers of Lutyens’ Delhi supported by an army of money spinner NGOs, fixed media and intellectuals and hyperbolic secularists, communists and Islamists.
So, these forces are bent on seeing Trump defeated in 2016 as they wanted to see Modi lose in 2014? For many reasons, especially for his nationalist and patriotic appeal, Modi reinvented himself from simply a Gujarati ‘hriday samrat’ to a nationalist ‘vikas purush’. Trump, on the other hand, seems enamoured with his own brand plus Modi-model for entering the White House from a candid businessman that he has never even endeavoured to reach out to a wider constituency. Modi made himself and the BJP more electable by adding nationalism, honesty, development and safety to Hindutva. Trump, however, has also been trying to add these factors plus the fear of safety and the frustrations of the white working class. .
Trump has been very rightly pushing the immigrant-and-Muslim-as-enemy line by stoking fears of Islamic terror and fanaticism that the Democrats failed to recognise that in a diverse democracy, the interest of local people must be safeguarded. For election victory, you can’t win by only ignore the fear of local people. Modi was highly successful in developing a sense of confidence in younger voters. In America 2016, democrats assisted by media are trying to spread rumours and hate in the mind of women, blacks and immigrants.
The only difference in Modi’s win and Trump’s possible victory is because the Congress-led UPA was far more corrupt, disgraced than the Democrats, and the US economy is in much better shape than the conditions confronting India in 2014, led by much-hyped economist Dr Man Mohan Singh, who ruined almost all the institutions single-handedly.
It will be a great day for the Hindus of America and the world if Donald Trump wins who celebrated the birthday of Trump have got it impressively right. Hindus are the greatest beneficiaries of American free trade, yet Hindus have thrown in their lot with strong protectionist because they see in Trump, the only protector who that he can safeguard their lives and interest in America as well as back home in India from Islamic terror and terrorists. They have very rightly realised that Islamic terror and fanaticism are the biggest threat to humanity and Trump is the very apt choice to minimise that threat.
American Hindus seem to have realised that elections are won by leaders who appeal to the best for them and not by those who love the worst predators. Media is showing very low standard of journalism by distorting, Trump’s so-called anti-women jibes simply can be compared with the dirty journalism which mocked and distorted Modi’s ‘50-crore girlfriend’ jibe, and ‘chappen inch ki chhaati’ and Trumpian chest-thumping do sound similar example of dirty journalism
Yet whatever their similarities and dissimilarities, Trump must learn from Modi that democratic politics must be focused on the welfare and safety of the masses rather than getting carried away by the cheerleaders of the hollow slogans of democracy, multiculturalism, fringe minority groups etc. The moderating influence an RSS ‘pracharak’ has forced to tone down the advocates of hollow sloganeering of democracy, multiculturalism, minority appeasement and vote bank politics, even as the glare of US live TV debates has clearly shown Trump as a strong voice who has enough courage to say that he may not accept the people’s choice fearing to rig by the supporters of Democrats as is the tendency of Indians secularists and communists. Both Modi and Trump know their supporters well, but while Modi was astute and cautious about his opponents Trump lacks Modi brand be perfection, decency and caution.
But who so ever enters the White House but Thanks, PM Modi: Hindus are a big factor in the presidential election in America. During Congress and UPA regime, Muslims were the strongest factors but PM Modi has made Hindus a strong factor in the electoral politics of India same is happening in America now. Everybody is talking about PM Modi, Hindus and Trump.


Religion and World Conflicts!

October 30, 2016

Now the entire world is always under fear and on fire, and all know this enemy who is a consistent threat to the lives of the people and world peace. Common and innocent citizens have to undergo a rigorous checking at every prominent place. The World spends billions and billions on this security. Now, a natural question comes to the mind which is this enemy who is posing such a threat to humanity and world peace? This enemy is none other than ‘religion’ which is followed and protected with a high respect for the people themselves.
Similarly, India is plagued by so many types of conflicts, since independence, which is based on religion and identity. In the North-Eastern region, lakhs of people have lost their lives in conflicts based on religion and ethnicity. In Nagaland, Mizoram and Meghalaya Christians have been trying to wipe out non-Christian people through terror or conversion. In these states, thousands of people have lost their lives.

In other states of the North-East, Assam, Manipur, Tripura and Arunachal Pradesh, illegal Muslim intruders from Bangladesh, have been in conflict with the local population. These illegal invaders have been posing a serious threat to the local community. In all these states of the North-East, different tribal and ethnic groups are involved in bloody conflicts with each other. Now this problem has also gulped Bengal also where local Muslims, supported by illegal intruders from Bangladesh, have become a serious threat to the non-Muslim population. Recent past has seen large scale violence against non-Muslims.

In a survey conducted by UNO, India has been among the top five nations, which has lost a maximum number of her citizens in religious conflicts. From 1980 to 1990, India faced Sikh terrorism. In this country lost around fifty thousand citizens including the then PM Mrs Indira Gandhi, the then CM of the Punjab Sardar Benat Singh and one Chief of Indian Army, Gen. Arun Vaid, plus scores of MPs, MLAs, political leaders, journalists, civil officers, and scores of other innocent citizens. This terrorism was supported and financed by Pakistan.

Kashmir Valley is always in the news. This valley has become a curse for this nation. This disturbed Valley consists of five districts Srinagar, Anantnag, Baramulla, Kulgam, and Pulwama. The cause of this problem is also religion. Muslims are in conflict with non-Muslims. They do not want to see any non-Muslim in the valley. They are also successful in their mission. Muslims have wiped out all the non-Muslims from the valley. So this is sheer stupidity to call it a Kashmir problem. These rioting districts consist of only 15% of total area and the population of the state of Jammu and Kashmir. They are involved in spreading hate and violence in the valley. They have hatred for India and Hindus, and they love Pakistan and Muslims. Now they are guided by fanatic and intolerant ‘Wahabi’ Islam. Due to vote banks politics, hardly any strict action is never taken against the killers. Only handful of Sunni Muslims has been spearheading this anarchy.

The alliance with Pakistan ruins the Kashmir separatist movement. Pakistan has also been supporting the Muslims trouble shooters due to they are common religious. First Pakistan has totally wiped out the entire Hindu population of Pakistan. Now it sees India as enemy number one as India has 85% percent of the non-Muslim population. In Pakistan, there is many terror groups active based on religious identity and working in the name of Islam.

Pak army and authorities have been involved in brutalities in Kashmir on Hindus and Indian security forces in the most brutal manner. A figure suggests that around one lakh lives have been lost in twenty-five years of terrorism let loose by pro-Pak Islamic elements.

Same facts can also be applied on Bangladesh. Islamic groups are also involved in bloody conflicts with non-Muslim groups. Their only aim is to cleanse the non-Muslim population from Bangladesh. In 1947, there was around 40% of Hindu population in Bangladesh. But now hardly less than 10% are left. Similarly, Hindus of Pakistan and Bangladesh also are worst victim of human rights violation and denial of the dignity of life. Pakistan and Bangladesh are seen as a land of grooming and hosting terrorists and fanatics and repressing Hindus and other minorities. This association has brought a bad name to movement of Muslims.

These conflicts, based on Islam are not limited to South Asia. But the almost entire world is in this grip. Syria, Iraq, Egypt, Afghanistan, Saudi Arabia, Nigeria, Yemen, China, Europe, etc., etc., have been facing worst type of conflicts whose genesis is in Islam. Al –Qaeda, ISIS, Boko-Harem, LeT, JuD, etc., are some of the dangerous terror groups whose roots are in Islam. Apart from these terror groups, there are hundreds of terror groups in Islamic countries.

These Islamic groups are radicalised in mosques, madrasas and dargahs by maulvis and Islamic preachers, in the name of giving Islamic teachings. Investigative agencies have found direct involvements of mosques, madrasas and dargahs and their staff in terror activities. After Friday prayers too, at some places, large-scale religious conflicts take place.

Like Muslims, Christians are also involved in religious conflicts albeit less violently. Their main weapon is money and conversion. They very liberally give a different type of help to the needy and poor, and in return, these poor are converted to Christianity. It was seen that some places these conversions lead to violence.

Christians, first open educational institutions, hospitals, orphanages, old age homes, missionaries, etc.. They pretend as if they are working for poor and downtrodden like philanthropists. But behind these social services is their hidden agenda of conversion and to spread Christianity.

Although all the countries have been a victim of religious conflicts, they also support these conflicts in one way or the other. PM Modi has been very vocal and assertive on world forums against terrorism and religious conflicts. So called the expert on religious conflicts and peace activists do not want to solve this issue. They have made religious conflicts as a great lucrative business. If the problem is solved these elements will be irrelevant and their big business empire of hate and fascism will collapse. So they always find fault with other and not with the real culprits of conflicts. For example, they always blame Hindus, Indian democracy and Indian security forces and declare this a complicated issue. They love unrest and violence because they get another chance of five-star conference and fat package.

Since British times, these corrupt intellectuals misinform the hoi polloi what to think. They fix and manage opinion on every issue: whether it was Muslims, Kashmir, minority appeasement, economic policies or women’s rights. Often, the intellectuals tended to be disruptive left supportive in their politics. Their behaviour understandable because capitalism depends on merit and they hate merit. To someone in a position of the wrong privilege, capitalism and merit can be huge threats to their business.

Conflict perpetrators get the advantage of peace nicks and use common factor, Islam, to impress Valley Muslims. These divisive elements know it very well that secularists, communists and intellectuals will never blame Muslims as even world’ superpower secular democracies fail to control Islamic terrorism. Only likes of President Putin or Communist China can control Islamic terrorism.

The root causes of religious conflicts are fanaticism of Muslims and Christians. They must be reformed as secular, liberal, tolerant, modern, democratic and non-violent faith. If they are not ready to change, they must be crushed very brutally. No mercy should be shown these conflicts creators.

Brahmin: Wronged for no Wrong  

October 27, 2016

Few groups are as fascinating as Brahmins. And during the last century, no caste group or religion has been the target of all the attacks. There was a time when Brahmins were around 40% in Congress Party structure. Between 1882 and 1909 – almost same percentage of representation was there in state assemblies. Similarly, Brahmin representation in the Bombay Presidency floated between 19% to 37%. That was the time nation was fighting for independence, a different type of reforms, economic upliftment etc. It means Brahmin participation was very high in the freedom struggle and in reform movements. They were beaten, jailed and repressed by imperial forces for fighting for the nation and people.

In Constitution Assembly, the representation of Brahmins was very high too. In post independent India this trend continued. But the Brahmin leaders did nothing for their own community. In the constitution, they ensured the special rights, privileges to minorities. Similarly in the name of social justice special quotas and privileges were ensured by them to Scheduled Caste, Schedule Tribes, Backward Caste and Muslims . But they did nothing for their own community. It was totally neglected.

This trend continued in Post Independence era across the nation, especially the Hindi heartland of Bihar, Utter Pradesh, Rajasthan and M.P. states where Brahmins were a little over 9% of the population according to the 1931 Census. Their representation in assemblies peaked to 27% in 1962. But Brahmin leadership kept on given privileges after privileges to minorities, SCs, STs, OBCs and Muslims to remain in power and to consolidate their vote bank.

Although their representation in corridors of power was very high but ordinary Brahmin was neglected, harmed and subjugated in all possible manners. In all the seminars at universities, colleges, political platforms, etc., they were the first target of attack. Brahmanism became a very negative term, hurled without any fear or shame, but Brahmins sitting cosily in power corridors remained silent. Leaders like B.R.Ambedkar, Babu Jagjivan Ram, socialists, communists all joined hands in this vitriolic attack. In southern states, reform movements were targeted mainly against Brahmins. In Tamilnadu, their condition was worst hit. Even an abusive slogan, “Tilak tarajoo aur talwar, inke maro jute char,” was welcome as a revolutionary epithet. One Chief Secretary of UP was removed from his post because he happened to be a Brahmin.

The Brahmin dominance became a pan-party story from the CWC, BJP nation executive and Politburo of Communists parties. Communists’ story is very contradictory. They were at the forefront of social, economic, political and reform campaigns and almost all the campaigns were targeted against the Brahmins in one way or the other by the Brahmins themselves. There is a new industry of NGOs, experts, social scientists, reformists, activists, communists, intellectuals, jurists, and journalists etc., who always look holes in Brahmins. Even, the always righteous but always wrong, use poverty, illiteracy, social ills, even terror campaign to name a few to puncture the Brahmin intellect. The anti-Brahmin decay is so obstinate that even the killings of Brahmins in Kashmir are never treated as a crime and Kashmiris are still proud of their Kashmiriyat.

The so-called secularism and social justice movement saw very adverse changes in Brahmin fortune, particularly in the last four decades. Brahmins were no longer elected as CMs in big states. This anti-Brahmin feeling took place in TN, Kerala and AP much earlier. the state like UP and Bihar, Jharkhand, Chhattisgarh, had not a Brahmin CM in 25 years. Even BJP which is accused as a Brahmin-Bania party had ignored Brahmins altogether in recent times. MP and Rajasthan have not had a Brahmin CM for a while.

The country now has only three Brahmin CMs, Mamata Banerjee in Bengal, Jayalalithaa in TN and Devendra Fadanvees in Maharashtra but they do nothing for their abused brethren. Mamata Banerjee’s first concern is Muslims, Jaylalithaa’s quotas, quota castes and Muslims.

The marginalisation of Brahmins is treated as forwardness and secular. In a much-planned manner, all the Sanskrit schools and Hindu Gurukuls were forced to close down. For long they were denied grants and salaries to teachers and staff and here it is needless to say that in such institutions percentage of Brahmin employees and teachers were very high. On the other hand Muslim Madrasas, Urdu Schools, minority institutions are financed very liberally. Similarly, on caste lines, SCs, STs, OBCs etc., are financed very liberally.

Yet Brahmins has not only survived, but thrived. But criticism, neglect, subjugation are Brahmin’s polish, making them shine even more. Finally, figuring Brahmin out gives us insights into who we are as Indians. The Brahmins did well is their ability to manage exceptions. They work to get good metrics. Brahmins may not be the perfect people, but at least on a few parameters they did much better than others. More importantly, they never made tall claims beforehand. They work hard first and marketed themselves later.


A State And The Five Districts

October 27, 2016

Kashmir Valley is always in news. This valley has become a curse for this nation. This disturbed valley consists of five districts Srinagar, Anantnag, Baramulla, Kulgam, and Pulwama. There are total calm and peace in other seventeen districts out of twenty-two districts. So this is sheer stupidity to call it a Kashmir problem. These rioting districts consist of only 15% of total area and the population of the state of Jammu and Kashmir. These five districts house the venomous separatists, anti-nationals and fanatic Islamists who have made so-called ‘azadi’, rioting, terrorism and fanaticism as a big lucrative business.
These anti-nationals are very handsomely paid by so many agencies. Even the government of India gives all the best facilities to these separatists, rioters, anti-nationals, arsonists, stone pelters, acid and bomb throwers and police armoury looters. They are showered with money, rioters get the best treatment, anti-nationals get fat economic packages in the name of healing touch and rehabilitation.

Even Supreme Court is shocked on this attitude. It has questioned that why the government has been providing funds and security to separatists and anti-national. Funds are given by New Delhi to separatists and anti-nationals but they are involved in spreading hate and violence in the valley. They have hate for India and Hindus and they love Pakistan and Muslims. Now they are guided by fanatic and intolerant ‘Wahabi’ Islam.

Similarly, 85% of state population is peace loving. Hindus, Sikhs, Christians, Buddhists, Dogras, Paharis (45 %)Shias (12 %), Gurjars (14 %), Bakarwals (8 %), Bahari, Baltis, etc., also have no problem. They are also peaceful patriots. Only handful of Sunni Muslims has been spearheading this anarchy.

But now this anti-national separatist’s movement has lost its meaning for the world. Now even Islamic nations do not pay any attention to this separatist’s movement. Now the world does not care. Worldwide, the Kashmir separatist movement is ruined by the alliance with Pakistan. The world sees Pakistan as a failed, rogue terror state. Pak occupied Baluchistan, PoK, Karachi, Sindh etc., have been witnessing the most brutal type of repression by Pak army and authorities. Same brutalities are done by pro-Pak elements in Kashmir, on Hindus and Indian security forces. A figure suggests that around one lakh lives have been lost in twenty-five years of terrorism let loose by pro-Pak terror elements.

But their propaganda mechanism is very strong. They wrongly blame Indian government and Indian security forces of violence and oppression. Even the large numbers of Indian secularists, communists, journalist, intellectuals etc., speak the language of Pakistan and separatists. But now due to the growing strategic importance of India, the world is largely unruffled to the Kashmir issue.

The other reason is there hundreds of terror groups in Islamic countries and nobody want to entertain other ones in Kashmir only to endanger their own security and peace in near future. But the biggest advantage India has on the world stage is Pakistan’s poor record of human rights in Baluchistan, PoK, Karachi, Sindh etc.. Similarly, Hindus of Pakistan also are worst victim of human rights violation and denial of the dignity of life. Pakistan is seen as a land of grooming and hosting terrorists and fanatics and repressing Hindus and other minorities. This association has brought a bad name to movement of Sunni Muslims of five districts.

Irrelevant separatists and Pakistanis, perhaps have no idea that they have no reputation in the internationals arena. PM Modi’s open and bold eruption against Pakistan in the recent G20 summit and in west Asian countries stumped Pakistan and its best allies such as China, Turkey and even Saudi Arabia could not dare to defend Pakistan. Even Pakistan lost its status of an observer because all know that Pakistan has become a nation of terrorists and Islamic fanatics. Pakistan is seen as a nation with its deadly sponsorship of terrorism and fanaticism in not only in Kashmir but in entire India.

All the more the latest move by Pakistan to depute 22 parliamentarians to world capital to lobby for Kashmir separatists has evoked international laughter. Pakistan has never told its citizens about the facts about the UN Resolution but shockingly India also never told her people and the world about the real UN Resolution. First UN Resolution was non-binding and second Pakistan had to vacate its occupation of Kashmir. It has also violated the Resolution by donating off a large part of PoK to China. So the resolution is now infructuous.

So called the expert on Kashmir and peace activists do not want to solve this issue. They have made Kashmir problem as a very big lucrative business. If the problem is solved these elements will be irrelevant and their big business empire of hate and fascism will collapse. So they always find fault with Hindus, Indian democracy and Indian security forces and declare this a complicated issue. They love unrest and violence because they get another chance of five-star conference and fat package.

Pakistan and separatists get the advantage of Indian peace nicks and use common factor, Islam, to impress valley Muslims. Pakistan and separatists know it very well that Indian secularists, communists and intellectuals will never blame Muslims as even world’ superpower secular democracies fail to control Islamic terrorism. Only like of President Putin or Communist China can control Islamic terrorism. Hence the Indian security forces and India only get a bad name in the mind of Muslims. Thus the ‘we hate India’ and ‘Pakistan zindabad’ slogans and perennially unsolved Kashmir problem are the fate of Kashmir.

Hence the Indian army, and India, only got a bad name in the Valley. Thus the ‘we hate India’ slogans and perennially unsolved Kashmir problem has become an ugly reality. In dealing Kashmir, the government of India must be very tough. The most fundamental reason of this problem is the ‘Article 370.’ This article has developed the feeling of separation and alienation in the heart and mind of Kashmir people. Only Muslims are behind this problem. They do not want to see any other non-Muslim to live in Kashmir. They have become highly intolerant. They don’t want to live in a secular India. New Delhi must scrap ‘Article 370’ for the assimilation of Kashmir people with rest of India.

Pakistan and Pakistanis are the most ungrateful lot. Pakistan has survived not because of its strength but due to the foolish acts by India repeatedly. Pakistanis hate Hindus and India badly but they are never told that Pakistanis were converted from Hinduism. Indians and Pakistanis are people of common ancestry.

Now PM Modi and his team have adopted very tough and robust approach and they are naming and shaming Pakistan and terror groups. They are trying to isolate Pakistan and its sympathisers. Kashmiris and Muslims are the most privileged and empowered people in this country. Actually, Kashmir problem has become a Muslim problem. India is a democratic nation and Muslims are the biggest vote bank so all the leaders and parties struggle for Muslim votes. They vote on the religious pattern and vote en-bloc. So they are considered as holier than the holy cows. It is the tendency of all to appease them and blame the entire nation for an even a bad cough to a Muslim. This mindset is the root of Kashmir problem.

Intolerant Indians

October 27, 2016

Voters wise, India is world’s biggest democracy. But as far as maturity level is concerned, Indians are highly immature democrats. India is largely democratic as far as regular and timely elections are held but only partly democratic in other features. One field but very important in which the democratic deficiency is considerably related to freedom of expression.
Constitution of India in itself is one of the main culprits in this field with so many draconian laws. There are numerous sections of  the Indian Penal Code (IPC) those are extensively used to abuse others. POSCO act, Domestic Violence Act, Rent Control Act, Prevention of Dowry Act, SC & ST Act, Land Ceiling Act, Chakbandi Act, etc.. Now Sedition Clause (Section 124A) is also widely misused. Even a minor comment on Mohammad or any other so called Holy book can put you in jail for years and years. These acts give the courts, police and the state extraordinary powers restrict the freedom of expression.

The second flaw is with our judicial system. For decades and decades, courts do not decide upon the cases. There are around three crore cases pending in the different courts of the nation. Justice system is very slow and corrupt. Bail and stay provision is badly misused. Dreaded criminals like Shahabuddin, Mukhtar Ansari, and corrupt like Lalu Yadav etc., are given bail very easily but ordinary citizens have to languish in jail for a minor offence.

A third threat is posed by caste (quotas) and communal (minority) politics in the name of secularism and social justice. The supporter of this type of politics considers their heroes perfect. Now Dalits shall be furious at even the mildest criticism of Ambedkar or quota system. Muslims at the mildest criticism of Mohammad, Sharia or Quran, Tamils at the little favour of Hindi and so on. Now are very touchy, thin-skinned and intolerant on minor issues but silent on big issues. They are silent on PoK, Chinese occupation of Indian territories, intrusion from Bangladesh and election victory of corrupt and criminal candidates.

The fourth threat to freedom of expression in India is the behaviour of public with police and security forces. People take sides with criminals and anti-national and courts, media and right bodies harass and defame our forces. For killing a dreaded criminal like Shorabuddin, many brave and patriotic police officers had to languish in jail for years. Similarly in the funeral of dreaded terrorists like Yakub Menon, Afzal Guru and Ashraf Wani thousands of people participated.

The fifth threat is the support of voters to corrupt politicians. Corrupt politicians like Lalu Yadav, Mulayam Singh Yadav, Mayawati, Karunanidhi, Sharad Pawar, Chautalas etc., enjoy wide support. Even some thugs and bigots have strong public support.

Rajiv Gandhi-led Congress government banned The Stanic Verses written by Salman Rushdie even before a fatwa was issued by fanatic Ayatollah Khomeini. The communist chief ministers Jyoti Basu and Buddhadeb Bhattacharya banned the novels of Taslima Nasrin. Even they banned the entry of the writer in Bengal. Even secularists, communists, Islamists and media became highly intolerant to Sanskrit, Yoga, Manu Smiriti, Shrimad Bhagwat Gita and even to cows.

Secularists, Communists, Socialists, Islamists etc., are highly intolerant to their opponents. Communists and Islamists are indulging large scale killing of their opponents like RSS workers and Hindutva opponents.

Moving to regional leaders like Jayalalithaa, Karunanidhi, Lalu Yadav, Mamta Banerjee, Nitish Kumar, Mulayam Singh Yadav, etc., are highly intolerant to their political opponents. In acting or supporting all the Indian politicians are guided by vote bank politics. They have no courage to offend the vote banks i.e. Muslims and caste enjoying quotas.

The sixth threat to freedom of expression is constituted by corrupt and biased media. Indian media is highly biased. Most of the media houses are controlled by journalists who are of left ideology. So spread all type of hate and lies about Hindus and other nationalist groups. They bully, suppress or put barriers in free and truthful reporting. This is especially very true in the case of English-language newspapers and television channels.

Eight threat to the freedom of expression comprises by the ideologically creative writers and artists. Most of the Indian writers are radicalised communist writers and have very strong opinion about politics and society. Writers, painters, film-makers etc., have almost mortgaged himself or herself to their political party. Due to this nation has failed to produce great writers, artists, films, scientists, philosophers etc.. Last year a big drama ‘award wapsi’ was enacted by such writers and intellectuals. This has made Indians very intolerant, humourless and dry.


Water wars

October 27, 2016

India has been facing frictions over the sharing of river waters. Karnataka and Tamil Nadu are fighting like two warring nations over sharing of Cauvery river waters. Punjab, Haryana and Delhi have also been engaged in horrid conflict over sharing of Sutlej river water and the construction of Sutlej-Yamuna link canal. Odisha and Chhatisgarh are also at loggerhead on sharing the water of Mahanadi river. Water sharing can also happen to be a hot issue that can develop into a conflict between Andhra Pradesh and Telangana. Water wars in future will create a problem for the entire nation.
Central and state governments both are responsible for this situation. Water management is very bad in India. Floods and droughts are the regular havoc in India. The standard per capita availability of water is 1,550 cubic meters a year which make India as a ‘water deficient’ nation. Every year situation has been getting worse. According to a survey by ‘Central Ground Water Board’ suggest that before the south-west monsoon (April to July), the ground level falls around 65% in various part of the country. This situation is worsening every year.

This is a big tension for the future. Today about 75% to 80% water recourses are consumed by agriculture sector but this sector supports more than half of India’s population. Indian farmers do not use modern techniques which result in the use of two to four times more water to produce the same unit of a crop as compared to China and Brazil. Government studies show that states like Punjab and Tamil Nadu are most water demanding productions.

For example, Punjab consumes 4,118 litres and Tamil Nadu consumes 4,118 litres and whereas Bengal and Assam consume 2,169 and 2,432 litres of waters respectively to produce one kilogramme of rice. This problem can be solved very easily. States must construct dams and check dams in every districts and Link Rivers by constructing canals.

But due to dirty politics by regional parties and obstructive and disruptive attitude of NGT and other environmental and green bodies, NGOs, judiciary etc., such positive actions are not implemented. Hence nation has to see such water wars between states in future.

On the one hand, Indian states are fighting for waters but India’s great folly of 1960 is also responsible for this ‘water stressed’ situation. India signed a treaty with our enemy nation, Pakistan, which donates around 80% water of Indus river system to this enemy nation. The Indus Water Treaty (IWT) gives only 19.48% water of the six rivers of Indus system although all the rivers originate from India.

If all the waters of Indus river system had been in India, there would have been no water shortage in Jammu and Kashmir, Punjab, Haryana, Delhi, Rajasthan and Utter Pradesh. Due to this suicidal treaty, Pakistan took away almost 80% waters of six Indians rivers named Indus, Jhelum, Ravi, Chenab, Beas and Sutlej with their tributaries.

On the one hand India has been facing conflicts between her states and on the other hand, Pakistan has been tormenting India by misusing the provisions of IWT. But due to the pro-Pakistan vote-bank in India and very strong pro-Pak lobby, India is not in a position to terminate this disastrous treaty. Even Pakistan has been trying to stop the construction of small dams and hydropower projects. In 2005, noted water research institutes, International Water Management Institute and Tata Water Policy Programmes, also advocated for scrapping the Indus Water Treaty as it was against the interest of India.
(Dainik Jagran, New Delhi, 23 September 2016, p-17.)

Now this treaty is has a liability for the nation. If this treaty is dissolved, water shortage in six states of India will be solved. Few years’ back US unilaterally withdrew from the Anti-Ballistic Missile Treaty after Russia did not agree with its revision. Now even the Muslim majority J&K assembly is demanding the annulling of this treaty. They found this treaty is also largely hampering the development of the state. According to nationalist environmentalist

River expert and environmentalist Himanshu Thakkar of the South Asian Network on Dams, Rivers and People (SANDRP) agrees with such an option. India has been permitted to construct storage of water on western rivers up to 3.6 million acre feet (MAF) for various purposes, but the country has not developed any storage facility. Thakkar said, “We have never exercised our rights under the treaty as we have not created infrastructure our side to use water of western rivers. We must, therefore, concentrate on building barrages and other storage facilities to use the water.”
(The Times of India, New Del;hi, Saturday, September 24, 2016, p-19)

Lately, India has started to address this problem of water and electricity shortages. Now India is building small dams and hydropower plants in Jammu and Kashmir. On the one hand, India and Indian states have become a “water-stressed” nation but Pakistan is building huge dams and power projects on these rivers, such as Bunji Dam (Capicity-7,000 MW), Bhasha Dam (Capacity 4,500 MW). Even Pakistan has invited China to build big dams in PoK and in Gilgit-Baltistan.

Due to the surrender of India to Pakistan, this treaty is the most successful treaty. India never shows any courage to dissolve the treaty. The dissolution of IWT will give India enough water to link Chenab with Ravi-Beas-Sutlej-Yamuna system and to address the water problem in the northern part of the country.

The nation is facing this new type of water wars. From tap to rivers and dams and from court to streets, such jostling can be seen. the flow of water in India is seemingly out of control. But the bitter irony is that there is hardly any voice against the arch enemy Pakistan for monopolising the water of six rivers.

Water is in abundance in India. A population which has now more than quadrupled since 1951 has enough rain water. But this rainwater is not collected and stored in India. If all the rain water of Cauvery basin and her catchment area is collected and stored in dams and barrages, it will fulfil the needs of both warring states.

Narrow vote bank politics create more rivalries. A number of states are involved in such conflicts. Now even communities, whose water will be diverted quickly rise up in organised protest like caste quota wars. For example, Bengaluru is not allowed more water from the Cauvery, so it tries to take from Netravati River, but far, far away, in Mangalore district people organise protests. Now big cities must respond by constructing dams, check dams and barrages to meet the demand of water.

We can talk of perpetual water only when we ensure the regular flow of water in rivers. This can be ensured by the construction of dams, check dams, barrages, river linking and rain-water harvesting. Such methods will also reduce the pollution level of rivers.

But unfortunately, most of the state governments are doing nothing on this front. Ironically, though, such measures will benefit everyone in the long run. Center, government and state governments come together to meet the demand and reduce clashes. With big dams and river linking, flexible water storage systems in form of check dams, barrages and rain-water harvesting system must be commissioned. This will also bring economic prosperity for all. We have to re-design and overhaul the water storing patterns to optimise every drop of rain, across all competing users- agriculture, industry, urban and rural domestic needs.

Nation also needs a radical rethinking for water. The government must open integrated research institutions for surface and groundwater education and research which has long been neglected. They should only focus to govern water more wisely, both for quantity and quality. The specialist organisation like National Hydro Power Corporation (NHPC) must be involved in this exercise.

Ironically, Bengaluru is very aggressive in the fight over the Cauvery, but it has almost killed two rivers due to pollution- Vrishabhavathy and Arkavathy, flowing in its backyard. Local bodies need to be radically restructured and remove all the encroachments from the river beds, catchment areas, wetlands and water bodies.

We cannot stop the conflicts like the Cauvery dispute or Mahanadi dispute or Sutlej-Yamuna link canal dispute without storing more water in dams and barrages.

Citizens will have to compel elected representatives to build the new water facilities in the nation. Peacefully and perennially, then the Cauvery, Mahanadi, Sutlej and families of Indus rivers can flow.


Destined for Sermons

October 27, 2016

This is not a new thing. Now in India activism has become a very flourishing profession. A large number of secularists, communists, Islamists, NGOs, journalists, etc., are employed in this business and minting tonnes of money. There is one Tirupati Desai, raiding Hindu temples with her brigade. But there is one thing common, all this activism is directed towards Hindus and Hinduism.

During Diwali, in the name of pollution control, so many types of restrictions and bans are imposed. On Holi, in the name of water conservation, all type of activists mock Holi. On Ganesh Puja, Chath Puja, Durga Puja etc., so many types of restrictions come into existence, especially on immersion of idols. In Tamilnadu centuries old game Jallikuttu is almost banned citing cruelty on animals.

This ailment is so ridiculous that all type of dissections is banned in labs, educational, institutions and research institutes.  Even one cannot kill a cockroach, earthworm, rat, fish, frog etc., for the purpose of education or research in laboratories. This all activism either targets Hindus or Hinduism or national interest.

But all these activists are totally silent when evils of Islam or other minority groups are concerned. On Eid al-Adha (Id-ul-Zuha or Bakr-Id), Muslims slaughter animals. Millions and billions of healthy animals, animals giving milk and animals used in agriculture are slaughtered in most brutal manner. But all are silent on this evil and cruelty against animals. All internal critiques, activists, rationalists and reformers and even the liberal Lefts has played into the racial intolerance against Hindus like Trump.

Here Hindus or Muslims are not an issue. The issue is why secularism has become a questionable concept. And secular leaders are seen with suspicion even in a secular nation. The reactions of secularists, leftists and liberals have been ineffective to the rise of Islamic fundamentalism in India. It seems that secularists, leftists, and liberals have no agenda, except that of xenophobic belligerence and lies about demographic changes. And yet they are shockingly popular. Secularists, leftists, and liberals milk the ignorance of masses by the help of corrupt media and they create false issues and sensationalise the non-issues.


The main reason for the failure of secularists, leftists, and liberals is that they almost support Islamic fanaticism and terrorism. People like Owesi, Azam Khan etc., flourish because of secularists, leftists and liberals take a stand on issues that support Islamic fanaticism. Their behaviour is wrong but they remain valid in political galleries.

Here I recall talking to a poor farmer in Utter Pradesh. The farmer, a greying old man in his sixties and Jat by caste, wanted me to understand why he was going to vote for BJP. He said, “I am a secular man, but I am worried about my safety. I want my children must be safe in my own country. I want to celebrate my festivals without any fear and restrictions.

Issue of Bangladeshi’s invasion

Before we laugh on the Communists and secularists on such fears, we need to ask ourselves: would we dismiss similar fears expressed by an aborigine in Australia or Africa? Very few would. If so, what is it that makes us downplay the fears of Hindus and local people about losing their identity, resources, and land? So the current focus on intruders is very genuine.  Nobody can say that intrusion from Bangladesh is good.  But the seculars and the liberal Left always support intruders that rightist politicians and nationalists take them up — and play with the issue without any solutions.

The liberal Left also has a penchant to short-circuit all internal democracy and critiques. It thus dumps that entire space to the ‘othering’ xenophobia of nationalist politicians. For instance, in most liberal Left circles, it is very hard to critique Muslim societies as containing gender inequality, burqas, triple talaq, slaughtering, jihad, Sharia, madrassas etc.. The moment an Indian Muslim or any secular Hindu aim such a critique at interpretations and practices within Islam formations, they are accused of catering to the West or playing into the hands of BJP or other nationalist groups.

For instance, by focussing on the sati, purdah, dowry, Hindu puja system etc., Hinduism was defined in a very bad way but on matters like multiple wives, zenana, veiling, gender inequality, burqas, triple talaq, slaughtering, jihad, Sharia, madrassas etc., Muslim societies are never criticized in that manner by secularists and communists. Such definitions — in the above cases, Muslims are never questioned but Hindu societies were stereotyped as oppressing women and oppressive faith.

Similarly, on the issue of Dalits, Hindus are brutally attacked but on the repression of Shias, Voharas, Kadiyanis, Ahmedias, Kurds, Yezdis, Balochs, etc., they are all silent or supportive.

The reverse side of Liberal Lefts

Let us say that some Hindu circles do not give women the full freedom to choose their profession, education, or attire but the condition of women in Islam is very bad. But on Islam, Left-liberal is silent or supportive. Isn’t such a behaviour is just the reverse side of secularism  — that is, we cannot talk about one culture as we are afraid of  them (or Muslims), but we are very aggressive on one because they are secular and liberal ( or Hindus). By doing so, we allow secular discourses to take over our complex realities, and hence surrender the complexity of our secularism to Islamic fanaticism. The secularism of left-liberal model has reduced the spectrum of our secularism to the special minority (Muslims) and Hindus.

But to react to this by decreeing that one cannot talk gender inequality or oppression in Muslim societies is to do something similar: put in place a discourse that denies the complex realities on the ground. This also encourages reactionary maulanas and maulvis in our societies to claim that they are just perfect — or Hindus are imperfect!

Interestingly, the liberal Left is quite critical of the flaws of Hindus and Western societies: for instance, it strongly condemned the ‘West ban on burqas and radical Islamic practices. But for the French equivalent of Hindu fear, this looks lopsided: after all, a large number of left intellectuals and NGOs are getting liberal aids from Islamic countries. Very recently in a local feud in Dadri over cow theft, one Akhlaq was killed. But these left liberals defamed the nation and Hindus, all over the world, as intolerant and violent. Even they started a movement of ‘award wapsi’ grasped by them due to their left connections. But these elements were silent on the killing of Hindus in Kashmir, Godhra, Mathura, Ayodhya etc.

Even the demand of Common Civil Code is opposed very vehemently by liberal Left but they are very strong supporters of slaughtering of cows. It is good that you oppose the caste or dowry ban, but how about also supporting the hijab, burqa, triple talaq, multiple wives, madrassas etc., ? But much of the liberal Left has chosen not to speak or support. And hence we get Modi, BIP, and Co.





Permit to arrest or apprehend: Draconian laws

October 27, 2016

 Recently the Director General (DG) of Corporate Affairs, Late Shri B.K.Bansal was arrested on the charge of taking some bribe. The next day his wife and daughter committed suicide due to humiliation. After almost two months of his arrest B.K.Bansal and his son committed suicide, blaming the Center Bureau of Investigation of torture and beating.

This power is derived from Section 41 of the Code of Criminal Procedure. The officers of DSPE (Delhi Special Police Establishment) may take the assistance of the local police while making the arrest, whenever considered necessary.

This is not the only case of arrest. An accused of Akhlaq murder case of Dadri, Ravi died in the hospital. His family members blamed the Noida jail authorities of torture and beating. When he was arrested, he was perfectly fit.

These arrests have turned the spotlight on the provision of arrest and detention and the purpose it is being made to serve. The data produced by National Crime Records Bureau, in September 2015, tell that over 3,200 people were being held only in administrative arrests or detention in Indian jails only in one month, i.e., December 2014.

Ravi, a driver was arrested in Dadri, on the charge of killing one Akhlaq, who himself was accused by the villagers of stealing a calf and subsequently killing it. The murder of Akhlaq gave an issue to the secular parties and activists, so the apparent reason for arrest could be to calm down the passions and appease the Muslims.

B.K.Bansal was arrested on the charges of demanding and accepting the bribe from a client.

Grounds for arrests under Scheduled Caste and Scheduled Tribe (Prevention of Atrocities) Act, 1989, have been equally imaginative. This is an Act of the Parliament of India enacted to prevent atrocities against Scheduled Castes and Schedule Tribes. Thousands have been arrested or slapped with the very harsh sections, which are almost non-bailable without any offence. Since the evidence for the commission of a crime or an offence is not a necessary condition of arrest, merely a FIR is enough and charges can be framed as imaginative. Time to time, voices have been raised against this draconian provision but due to vote bank politics, there is no respite from this horrible act.

Recently, in Maharashtra, a lot of Marathas took a stand against this act. In states like UP, Haryana, Bihar, Delhi, HP, etc., so many caste groups have been demanding to abolish this act.

Another draconian act is Dowry Prohibition Act, 1961 and also Section-498A under Indian Penal Code. Under this act, anybody can be arrested only on the basis of a FIR. Even a member of the family can be included as an accused under this act. Society has reached a stage where merely living together, telephonic conversation etc., have become triggers for arrest or detention. Just yesterday i.e on 10 October 2016, five members of a family (Sarkar Family), committed suicide due to harassment by the daughter-in-law, misusing this act.

Recently enacted POSCO Act is another draconian act, added to the list. Prima facie, the context of the sex offence may seem like a big offence for arrest. After all, it is a crime against an individual—the arrest provision that mandates the enactment of extraordinary laws for crimes connected with the dignity of a female.

Precisely, because of the tendency of people, law enforcing authorities and state’s propensity to misuse these extraordinary tough laws has been much higher in proportion to the threat to an individual. We need to place all the evidence at the time of arrest or detention. One can see thousands and thousands of innocents languishing in jails without any crime. Even judiciary is very insensitive to the plight of such innocents.

This is not a new thing in India. It was started by Sardar Patel, a name for the advocates of a ‘hard state’ who introduced and managed the preventive bill passed by Parliament in 1950. But he felt very uncomfortable and it was against his conscience. He admitted that he spent two sleepless nights before the introduction of the bill in Parliament but was compelled to do so because of the political and social unrest created by the anti-national forces.
His fears have come true during these years of independence. The provisions of detention and arrest have been misused with an alacrity and aplomb by individuals and authorities. The worst part of this is that Indian judiciary is also not concerned about the human rights and dignity of citizens.

Individuals from government departments like police, Central Bureau of Investigation, Electricity departments, local bodies etc., are the ones who are misusing such provisions of Indian Penal Code. On one hand, it is a ‘necessary evil’ for safeguarding the unity, integrity, and peace of the nation but now it a ‘necessary provision’ for a strong, protective nation.

Such tough measures are necessary for terrorists, anti-nationals, dreaded criminals, gangsters, smugglers, money launderers etc.. But irony is that such measures are meant only for common citizens and on the other hand terrorists, nasals, anti-nationals, intruders, dreaded criminals, gangsters, smugglers, money launderers etc.. are left scot-free.Measures such a TADA, POTA, MISA, etc., are needed to control the menace created by terrorists, Naxals, anti-nationals, intruders, dreaded criminals, gangsters, smugglers, money launderers etc.. Exceptional measures are needed for exceptional situations and exceptional outlaws. However, extraordinary measures should not be there for ordinary citizens.

These laws are so tough that order of arrest or detention under these provisions remain operative and valid even if the ground is vague, the evidence is not enough or even if there is no territorial jurisdiction. In the name of safeguarding the interest of some groups or individuals, others are almost repressed like second-grade citizens. Protecting Scheduled Caste, Scheduled Tribes, females, minorities etc., has become a justification to enact such laws, against citizens for no fault.

These laws have come to function as a parallel system of ‘lawless laws.’ They are lawless or brutal laws because they suppress the human rights of others and obstinately upturn the very basis of a justice system and a citizen is presumed guilty until proven innocent. It is this pattern that makes the demeanour of the detention laws a travesty of justice and justice system itself.

In democratic and civilised nations such laws are used in an extraordinary situation, emergency, but in India, such provisional measures become a normal, stable and standard practice. These extraordinary laws have become permanent in statute books where the state itself suspends the rule of law for appeasing some groups. It is a kind of lawlessness that has the potential to make some groups outlaws and a law unto themselves.