November 20, 2015

No matter how one looks at the typography of India of 2015, the key concern is peace but equally important other issues are burqa, minority appeasement, caste and communal quotas, and now of course liberty of cow slaughter and beef eating.  Health, education, employment, reforms, development, basic facilities like electricity, water, transport, housing etc.,   are far behind. Even some politicians assure that they will protect the  illegal intruders if they come to power. But no concern for Kashmir Hindus, who have been living as refuses in their own country.


Even illegal intruders from Bangladesh are more important than the national interests, who may demand the imposition of their own laws and ways after few years. There interests are treated very important and are being demanded even today at a much greater scale.


It appears as if these politicians are for only, either votes or power by any means and safety and security of nation and people have no meaning to them. They do not think about dangers associated with the ghettos created by these illegal intruders with the support of local minority population.


As a nationalist, as a patriot, poet and writer the distress of Hindus touch me deeply as it failed to create any sense of compassion in a vast majority of secular leaders.


There are almost no-entry zones in India in almost all the states. Although all are afraid of these developments but the majority community in India is badly divided. Divided, hence no action is taken against these intruders. In these areas despots rule and there is total chaos and violence. Even government and law enforcing machinery cannot enter in these areas.


Activities in these ghettoes create very serious law and order problems and the safety of every citizen is affected. All these ghettoes are of non-Hindu minority groups. Leaders and thinkers who suggest compassion for intruders, they have money and resources to save themselves. So they deliberately ignore the threat on infiltrators. Most of the secular political figures do  not  seem  to  be  much  concerned  about the threat though  they  are  very well aware  that  there presence is causing tension in  the  social, communal, political and economic spheres  of India. Due to this infiltration the situations of chaos and violence are most likely to take place in India


Only few nationalist and patriotic groups think in this way. Due to no check and no fear conditions there is huge flow of intruders. There is almost no resistance to these intruders.

It is pointed out that the number of infiltrators is in crores. Some experts have indicated more than three crores. Due to this law and order problem has become the greatest concern for this nation causing heavy damages to prompt the government for more road checks, metal detectors, CCTV, dogs sniffing and deployment of massive security personals.


Eerie activities of infiltrators would shape public opinions to accept unhappily, surveillance cameras and electronic screening.  The relentless pursuits of the maniac secularists and communists to grab the votes and power would promote more hostilities towards them and quick deportations demands will be more vociferous. They would force regimes


Worthless anarchistic gospel in the name of human rights and secularism can be heard everywhere, they are supporting terror with the weeds of perversion and playing with fire. Such fall will destroy peace and make the life of citizens unimaginably miserable. Is India ready for this?


Nation, especially Hindus always supported multiculturalism and humanism and the policies based on enlightenment. But the policies which go too far to hug multiculturalism pave paths to disaster and anarchy. India is passing through this phase. All the intruders are from the nations of diametrically opposed values like Bangladesh and Pakistan. They have no loyalty for this nation.


The people of today is not the same that was a few years ago, because social media

is playing unmatched role to guide their  opinions. The Indians of today particularly expect peace and security. These infiltrators, mixing with local Muslims are become dangerous cocktail for the Indian secularism and democracy because of their dangerous ways about justice, brutalities, multiculturalism, religion, women and population.


The infiltrators who seek more than just shelter will pollute the atmosphere within the tolerant Indian structure that has been built on the vision of the founding fathers and Sanatan Dharma. Without this structure, peace shall remain elusive because even much less than one percent of the fanatic messiahs are enough to daze the disciples of the fathers of the nation and the principles Sanatan Dharma.


It is prominent here that peace and prosperity go together, and political peace affects

individual peace also. Indians deserve peace. These infiltrators still live in dark ages where young women are being auctioned and treated as the spoils of war that is allowed in their faith, while the world is a helpless witness to this perversion of utter shame. One can see such news on social networking sites. There are proofs that young girls from the majority communist have been converted, tortured, raped and sold. They forcibly converted locals to their faith. If they refused to convert, they were very brutally slaughtered.


On the  other  hand,  the  infiltrators who  seek  more  than  just  livelihood may  cause

irreparable damages to the foundation of Indian peace as they have caused in Bangladesh, Pakistan and elsewhere. Sadly most of the secular parties, Communists, NGOs, activists, intellectuals, writers, media etc., are silent about this alarming intrusion.


It is also notable to mention that because of a morsel of power and votes most of the contestants are silent on this. They also even do not support the equality and freedom of woman. Indians are playing with fire which can burn the secular, tolerant liberal and democratic fiber to ashes any day. India has been witnessing massive violence by such minority groups. India must check these infiltrators with a very tough hand otherwise coming days will be very tough for India and Indians.


As a patriot Indian poet and writer, I would like to lament the day when King Jai Chand called the Muslim invaders to attack India which permanently wounded “My India” and now the pain is felt by every citizen. This pain is silently carried by all the citizen clearly driving from childhood to death a pain for life time. Life of every citizen is like an elegy.
It is almost a national pain which is borne by all like a public holiday. The life is based on the whims and fancies of non-Hindus.  Nation follows their tradition and religion. Minority religions are became part of Indian Constitution. Almost all the features of the ritual and system of invading minorities have been forced into the Indian tradition to celebrate the burden of multiculturalism, called abundance of verities. In India, even slaughtering of cows and other animals are treated as fundamental right due to the influence of invading minorities.

Early invaders and settlers brought their tradition to India. They brought so many evils too. They brought intolerance, inequality, and their own tradition of festival from their nations and they imposed them forcefully in India and destroyed a multilingual, multi faith and multicultural civilization where all have the rights to follow their traditions and festivals openly and freely.






Jubeda and Starbucks

November 20, 2015

Jubeda was sitting in her room. It was small but warm and immaculate. She sat alone, sipping whisky, but surprisingly, on the table were two glasses along with soda water and whisky.  Jubeda was waiting for her husband, Yogesh to come back home from work.  Theirs’ was an inter-religious marriage against the wishes of Jubeda’s family resulting in excessive pressure and fear.

Again and again she would look at the clock, anxiously; each passing minute brought her nearer to her husband.  She was glad, and content about everything she did to welcome Yogesh. She removed her scarf. Her face was beaming; mouth was small and soft, eyes large and bluish and nose sharp. In short she was a paragon of beauty and grace; ‘a hoor of basra’, a nymph from Basra.

When the clock declared fifteen minutes to six, she fixed her eyes outside the window. She heard the horn of the car outside and the car door banged shut. She stood up moved forward and gave him a warm and tight hug with torrent of kisses.

‘Hello, darling,’

‘Hello,’ answered her husband, coyly.

She took his coat, tie and hat, hung them in the wardrobe and then prepared some refreshment and a drink for him.

This was their daily routine. They did not converse much until the first drink was finished. But Jubeda used to enjoy his company silently and sit quietly, after long hours alone at home. She had no friend in the society.  Her husband’s presence was a five star luxury to her.  His warm and affectionate glow mesmerized her. But today her behavior was a bit different.

‘Tired and exhausted, darling?’

‘Yes, I am worn out’ he said,.

Seeing the right moment she said, ‘Darling, can we please go out for supper because it’s Saturday.’? ‘I didn’t cook today ’

‘No problem,’ he said, hearing her. ‘We are going out.’

He asked for his sandals for going out.

Hearing this she said ‘Shall I bring your slippers?’


She gazed at him as he began to sip his drink, the strong one.

He didn’t answer, so she bent her head again, as if looking for the sandals.

Then ultimately she decided to disclose the identity of the silent visitor in his absence.

The visitor was her ex-boyfriend cum cousin Shah Rukh, working in the same city as a reporter for a newspaper.

‘I believe it’s a shame,’ she said, ‘that when a reporter gets to be as senior as you, they keep him walking about in the streets, on his feet all day long. ‘So he took your sandals to give some comfort to his feet.’

There was a hushed silence in the room.

She prepared herself in an eerie silence, perhaps for the last time in his life.

She kept a kitchen knife in her handbag . The knife was like a toy and a passion for her, her father being a butcher who ran a meat shop. From her very childhood she saw animals slaughtering by a cut.

Silently they drove together towards the nearest restaurant ‘The Starbucks Café.

‘Listen,’ she said, ‘I want to tell you something today.’ She gathered courage to reveal the load hidden in her heart.

Taking aback he retorted, ‘What is it, darling? What’s the matter?’

She froze, and she kept her head bent, hiding her face. He noticed a blue mark on her cheek, as if somebody has given a tight kiss.

‘This will perhaps be shocking to you, I’m afraid,’ she muttered in low voice. ‘But I’ve given it enough thought before deciding to tell you everything straight away now. I wish you won’t fault me too much.’

She sat near him, watching him with fear, knowing that she moved farther away from him with each word.

‘It’s a sad reality’ she added “And I feel it is horrific to be telling you, but there was no other way.  I’ll not ask you for any money.  Just don’t make any fuss about this. It wouldn’t be good and safe for his job.

He remind silent as if she was joking. He hadn’t even uttered a word and was brooding over everything, silently.

He was driving his Beetle silently and slowly.  Suddenly he applied brakes with a jerk and the car was at the gate of the Starbucks café. He handed over the keys to the attendant to park the small and cute Beetle. The attendant took the keys and drove the car with a whiz. Yogesh saw his dear Beetle being taken away in dark.

‘I’ll order drinks before supper,’ she managed to murmur, and this time he didn’t stop her. In a few minutes they were in a different world.  Their world was shattered.

For her, perhaps, this was a blissful day. Inside the restaurant she selected a corner table, her back towards the CCTV and facing his face. She knew it well that till the first drink finished, he doesn’t speak. He was a man of few words. Silence was the inseparable part of his life. Before the re-entry of her ex-boyfriend, Shah Rukh, she loved his every action, his silence, loosely sitting in the chair, his banging on the door, the funny shape of his mouth when tired.

He lifted the glass and emptied it in one swallow.  He got up and moved slowly to get himself another.

‘I’ll fetch for you!’ she cried, leaping up.

‘Sit down,’ he said sternly.

When he came with the glass, she observed that the new drink was dark with perhaps a double shot of whisky in it.

‘Darling, I want my sandals back. Sandals have destroyed my world.’

Head down in shame, she remained silent.

She did not answer, she bent her head again. ‘Darling,’ he said. ‘Why are you not taking any drink?   ‘Should I get some for you’?

‘No,’ she said.

‘If you’re too tired or disturbed to get, I will fetch for you’.

His eyes waited on her for an answer, a beam, a little nod, but she remained motionless.

‘Anyway,’ he went on, ‘I’ll get you some light drink and snacks for you first.’

‘I don’t want it,’ she said indifferently.

She moved awkwardly in her chair, the large eyes still watching his face. ‘But you must have good supper. You order it. Anything you want. Everything’s in the menu.’

‘Forget it,’ she said.

‘But, darling, you must eat! I’ll order it anyway, and then you can have it or not, as you choose.’

He stood up and placed his hand on her shoulder.

Now she became frightened at his mysterious behavior.

‘Go on,’ he said. ‘Sit down.’

She adjusted herself slowly but uncomfortably into the chair, observing him all the time with her large, dangerous eyes. He had finished the second drink and was preparing a strong third one.

Yogesh never thought of this day that his own dear wife will announce the entry of someone in her life in this manner. After finishing the third, he went for the fourth, fifth and sixth…….He was consuming whisky like water. At last he couldn’t keep his face up and his face buckled on the table.

All other visitors were looking curiously at this pair. Young, beautiful, appears to be happy but behaving in a very weird manner.

Seeing this a very good opportunity she removed her  hijab or head scarf and stealthily took out her small kitchen knife out of her handbag and very shrewdly hid it inside her scarf. CCTV was covered fully by her back and scarf and knife in hand she lifted the face of her husband in both of her hands and gave hive a very tight kiss and in this love making she cut the vein near his neck very lovingly. Then he crashed on the table again. She was expert in this art of slaughtering which she inherited like a family Sanskar. 

She again lowered herself in the chair.

After a few minutes she got up and walked across the dining hall feigning going to washroom.

She couldn’t feel her heels touching the floor. She couldn’t feel anything at all – except a slight fear.  Everything was moving like a slaughtering machine – to the door of washroom, the small knife, the deep cut, the hand inside the purse taking hold of the small object.

She washed her hands. She stood before the mirror, organized her hair and face, touched up her lips and face. She tried a smile and returned to the table.

She sat on the table and ordered a hot coffee.

She sat in the Starbucks cafe, sipping her coffee and staring out of the window. The blood stained knife lay next to her handbag, covered with her blue silk scarf. ..

She saw him sitting near the window with his face to her, and sipping the coffee coolly.

At that point, Jubeda simply again lifted his face but she assured herself that he was dead.

She remained sitting there for at least six and seven minutes.

There was no sound of the crash, the small table remained intact, and she helped bring her out of the distress. She came out unhurriedly, feeling cold and amazed, and she stood for a while flashing at the body, still holding the cup of coffee in her both hands.

All right, she told herself. So I’ve finished him.

It was bizarre, now, how plain her mind became all of a sudden. She began thinking very swiftly. As the friend of a journalist, she knew very well what the sentence would be. That was okay. It made no difference to her. In fact, it would be a respite. On the other hand, what about Shah Rukh?

‘Hello Darling,’ she said happily and loudly to make others take note of her voice.

The voice was peculiar and artificial too.

But Yogesh did not respond. He was already dead.

She cried and cried. Then she ran towards the main counter.

It was almost eleven o’clock and the Starbucks cafe was bristling with guests.

‘Hello Manager,’ she almost cried, at the man behind the counter.’ Call doctor my husband is not responding.

The Manager listened and a few minutes later Manager got up and went to the phone. He knew the number of the police station, and the doctor.

When the man at the other end asked, he cried to him, ‘Quick! Come quick! Serious problem..!’

‘Who’s speaking?’

‘Manager, the Starbucks café.’  ‘A man is lying on the table.

‘Be right over,’ the man said.

‘Yogesh decided he’s tired and wanted to eat out tonight,’ she told him. ‘We usually go out on Saturdays, you know, and now he’s neither speaking nor moving. ’


The man glanced around the table.

Anyhow, she told herself as she hurried back, all was going well till now. When she reached the table, the small knife was still under the scarf. She did not find anything unusual, as tragic, or terrible, because she had been witnessing killing from her childhood. That’s the way, she told herself. She was feigning worried and crying but for her everything was right and natural.

‘Yogesh!’ she called. ‘What has happened to you darling?’

She saw him lying there on the table with his hands on the table and lower part in the chair; it really was rather a shock. All the old love and longing for him dried up inside her, and she touched him, knelt down beside him, and began to cry her heart out.

The police car came over quickly with a doctor, two policemen walked in. She was weeping hysterically.

‘He is dead?’ doctor declared.

‘I’m afraid he is. What happened?’ She cried.

Briefly, she told his story about going out for the supper and consuming strong whisky pegs.

While she was talking, crying and talking, the doctor discovered a minor cut near the neck and bit of blood there.

Jubeda lifted the scarf; with small knife hidden and cleaned her tears and sweats.

Seeing her worsening condition doctor took Jubeda inside the police car to rest.  Leaving her inside the car doctor came back.

Doctor, two policemen started their work. Later, a police photographer arrived and took pictures, and a fingerprints expert was also called. There was a great deal of whispering and muttering beside the corpse.

Finding her alone inside the car, she hid the small knife in the first aid box of the car.

After some time she came back to the hall. The policemen kept asking her a lot of questions. But they were very kind to her.

She kept sobbing she heard a few of the whispering phrases – ‘. . acted quite normal . . very cheerful . . wanted to give him a good supper . . drinks  . . chicken . . impossible that she . . ’

After a while, the photographer, the fingerprint expert and the doctor departed by the police car.

Only two policemen left there. Two other men were also called and took the corpse away on a stretcher.

The two policemen remained. They were exceptionally nice to her, and one of them asked if she would like to go home or somewhere else, to some relative’s house perhaps.

No, she said. She didn’t feel she could go even a yard at the moment. Would they mind awfully if she stayed just where she was until she felt better? She didn’t feel too good at the moment, she really didn’t.

Then better lie down on the bed? The Manager said.

No, she said, she’d like to stay right where she was, in this chair. A little later perhaps, when she felt better, she would move.

So they left her there while they went about their business, searching the table. Her husband, he told her, had been killed by some sudden blow on the neck with some light but sharp edged object, almost certainly a small piece of metal. They were looking for the weapon. ‘It’s the old story’, he said. ‘Get the weapon, and you’ve got the man.’ It might be some accidental blow.

They didn’t have any such light, sharp edged metal instrument, she said.

The search went on. She knew that there were other policemen in the restaurant.

‘Probably right near us? What you think, Manager?’

Doctor, photographer and the fingerprint expert deposited all the things back in the Police Malkhana including the little knife and OK report was given.

And Jubeda came out of the Starbucks café, relived; she executed her plan very intelligently.

Outside, her ex-boyfriend and would be husband was waiting very anxiously. She collected the car keys from the attendant and flew the keys of the Beetle towards Shah Rukh. Shah Rukh opened the door and sat on the driving seat, beside him sat Jubeda. She gave him a tight hug and torrent kisses…

What a cruel irony. On the driving seat was sitting the idea of murder.

Jubeda laughed wildly.

World changed so fast, so easily.


November 14, 2015

Now a days India is boiling. Issue may be non issue for a civilized society but for a secular but vote hungry nation; this non-issue has become the biggest issue. In this noise and fury PM Modi, BJP, RSS and Hindus are the prime target of this whole drama. It is shocking to see the hypocrisy and fascism of supporters of beef eating and cow slaughtering.

If Hindus are demanding the total ban on cow slaughter there is nothing wrong in this. People’s memory is very poor. Bans are not unusual in this nation. In India, even all type of dissections is banned in labs even for educational purposes and researches. Now even earthworms, cockroaches, rats, fish, frog, monkey, etc., cannot be dissected. As a result of this in the field of education and research nation is suffering very heavily.

Similarly medicinal tests, pharmaceutical tests etc., on insects and animals like rats, monkeys, horses, dogs, etc., are also banned in India. As a result of all these bans country has been suffering heavily. Education, research all have been suffering very heavily. Academicians and scientists are working under tremendous pressure on account of such bans.

Similarly animal shows in circuses are also banned. Even jugglers cannot keep animals like monkeys, bear and even snakes. As a result of this lakhs of people lost their livelihood.

They all supported the killings of animals in slaughter houses. They never care that since the late-1990s, animal rights fighters have succeeded in banning the long-established arts in India that expertise in training animals for shows as a means of living. There was a time when snake charmers and Baazigars would be sent to international fairs as emissaries of India’s conventional art forms.

But when the Wildlife Protection Act of 1972 was extended to these communities, they became criminals and law breakers. With one blow of the pen, their centuries-old art forms came to be treated as unlawful activity, without even bother to offer them any alternative means of employment for survival.

All this was done on the demands of secularists, communists, NGOs, activists, animal lovers, right activists etc., in the name of preventing cruelty against animals. But the same elements are supporting and demanding open beef eating and cow slaughtering. This is fascism and hypocrisy in the name of freedom to eat, secularism and multiculturalism. .

Perhaps this also shows that in this country it has become a secular fashion to hurt the sentiments of Hindus. Now it is a shame that secular goons are organizing cow slaughtering and beef parties in open, and through media, in universities, in front of temples etc.  By their behavior they are shaming the nation.

This whole drama started from a village Bisada, near Dadri in western UP, where it was reported by media that one Akhlaq was murdered by Hindus for killing a cow and eating the beef. Secularist and Communist got an issue and they flared up all the passions to en-cash the rumor.

Before this Maharashtra government banned the sale of meat in the state on the occasion the Jain community’s Paryushan. After this ban secular politicians, Communist, writers, artists all rushed to TV anchors and the handpicked chatterati who appear on TV debates in favour of cow slaughtering and meat eating. They even went to the extent that the meat ban violates fundamental liberties, erode state’s secular character, and harm the cause of multiculturalism. Even some made forecast that ban on beef eating may break the nation. Good comedy by secularists.

But it was necessary to ask why our intellectual elite have never before felt outraged at far more draconian bans, with far deadlier outcomes? Why this double standard?

It shouldn’t surprise anyone, that out of job secularists and communist groups have got a work. They shut down Kashmir against the beef ban last month, after separatists successfully called a strike. Shockingly all the main stream parties were either one with separatists or remain silent. Although ban was imposed by the J&K High Court, nobody cared even for the highest court of the state when it comes to the appeasement of Muslims.

In cosmopolitan Mumbai the so called secular Congress was one with Thakerey’s Shiv Sena and MMS. MNS had been isolated before. But it got good comeback to centre-stage condemning attempts by BJP-controlled municipalities to ban the sale of meat on the Jain festival of Paryushan. Strange bed fellows. Meat united arch enemies.

No modern state endeavors to order what its citizens eat, what they wear, read or who they might take as lovers. India, however, is seeing a sneaking raid of private lives and personal choices as authorities attempt to thrust themselves into kitchens, bedrooms and libraries. Food taboos, books, films etc., are fast becoming India’s equivalent of blasphemy any Muslim nation.

Here Taslima Nasreen and Salman Rushdie are banned. Mani Ratnam and A.R.Rahaman are attacked because there films and songs are not like by some maulanas.

Crackers and colors on Diwali and Holi are restricted by court directions. Courts also imposed ban on the immersion of Hindu idols in rivers. But all are silent on these bans.

In J&K Islamic terrorists have almost wiped out entire Hindu population from the Kashmir valley but no writer returned awards on those pogroms. During the three decade of Sikh terrorism, thousands of Hindus were massacred but no awards were returned. Naxal terrorists have been carrying on the massacre of Hindus and security men in most brutal manner but nobody returned awards.

This award return absurd theatre has become a new kind of intolerance and by their acts they are spreading more intolerance and hate. First they manipulated to get awards, now returning awards to enact a new drama. They are actually fringe elements of different communists’ parties but behaving like some fringe elements of some anti-Hindu, anti-Modi, Jihadi fringe group. They are actually pathological Modi hater.

The idea of killing animals for the purpose of pleasure or taste cannot be appreciated

The current debates around meat bans have also similarly little to do with the respect for life and everything is related issues of culture, votes and power. Token support for a community, separation of the meat — eating ‘them’ and the vegetarian ‘us’, ignoring the fact that this is an obviously flawed definition behind hidden a pervert vested interest.


To make bans a cultural fault line is dangerous, given its essential nature. To disallow or allow a certain kind of food in the name of sentiment has unlike the case of other freedoms like the right to expression, no other intention but to draw boundaries. Secularism has become a new kind of tool to spread intolerance and hate. If one abuses Hindus, Modi, BJP or RSS, one will become a brand name in the trade of secularism.


October 10, 2015

My India,

Born in her soil,

Played in her lap,

Sleeps loftiest and oldest

Civilizations of humans;

Developed into shape,

Under her care,

My India.


Springs, summers, winters;

Falls, rivers, mountains, valleys;

All leap into joyful delights.

Birds, animals, flowers,

Breathe hilarious life in me,

Giving world a meaning of life,

My India.

A nation,

So great-

Diverse but one,

Wide and long highways,

Braves guarding the borders,

Tell thy march,

With the future growth,

My India.

Her soul,

A tranquil temple,

To the warring world,

Giving a message,

Of love, non-violence,

Brotherhood, tolerance:

For every confused creed,

My India.

My heart will sing and dance;

To breed the civilizations,

Night and day for world peace,

Oceans of love for her,

A piece loving pigeon,

Never my adoration

Will cease,

My India.


October 10, 2015

Time does not wait nor stop,

Neither for you nor for me,

Days pass, months pass and years pass;

Best friends are lost and missed;

But life moves without best and closed ones.

Life changes, friends changes;

People changes, family changes

And ultimately relations changes;

Slipping, sliding, pumping and grinding;

Relations new need no defining.

Warmth attached with previous moments,

Remain attached to them.

Whether, want or not;

It always remains there.

Heart exploring lost valleys.

Making cheerful, at cheerless times;

And making cheerless, at cheerful times;

Heart preserves those cheerful moments,

That cannot be seen by any,

What it is all about.

Giving, that entire one can carry on,

Tender kisses and hot tears;

Eyes wet or lips red with hot feelings;

Mellowing out ready and waiting,

No fear or guilt for hesitating.

Touching in out of untouched allies,

When others ask by seeing depressing face,

Craving, moaning out to go back,

One just smile and say, nothing,

It is all fine.

Stand up Draupadi……

October 10, 2015

Stand up Draupadi, get hold of your attire,

Lord Krishna won’t come to protect your honor.

Expecting so much help, I can feel it
Trusting the media fixed and sold to waste it.

Crying and seeking help from closed ear,

Dushashans are sitting in courts, can’t hear.
Like a bunch of shameless and the such
How can protect the shame of others, so much?

Stand up Draupadi, get hold of your attire,

Lord Krishna won’t come to protect your honor.
Ruled by a blind king till yesterday, bare free

But now deaf and dumb too, to see.

Ears are filled by the fears,

You yourself say with your tears,

Tongues and lips stitched like Hindus of valley,

How and whom you want to teach like allies?

Stand up Draupadi, get hold of your attire,

Lord Krishna won’t come to protect your honor.

Shun henna and veil; lift your arms more,

Save yourself, learn to fight to endure,

Rot is splashed, nothing left to miss;

Heads and souls are for sale without hiss;

Free quotas and subsidies always waiting;

Live and die for freebies without hesitating,

Stand up Draupadi, get hold of your attire,

Lord Krishna won’t come to protect your honor.

N.B.: Draupadi was the heroine of the biggest epic, ever written, The Mahabharata.

Draupadi was badly abused by Kauravs, which resulted in the war of Mahabharata.

This poem is sarcasm on India political system.


August 22, 2015

The great Indian Secular, Socialist and Democratic Republic and we are also proud of world’s most populated democracy, largest not land wise, and it is also said one of the world’s oldest civilizations, but slowly and slowly which is vanishing due to great secularism and social justice but which has been severely hit by a new dis-order, politically as lethal as the cancer virus: the absence of space for a civilized, nationalist and patriotic dialogue.

The signs of this malady are simple to detect: complete intolerance for another’s point of view, the belief by every section and individual that they are only right and all others are wrong, complete denial of other’s every issue leading to the complete non-acceptance of evaluation of merit or refusal for any healthy debate, an ambiance of unvarying hate and hostility, the regular use of foul language and lumpenization of almost all processes of dialogue and debate.

What are the main reasons behind this malaise? The first is a new form of ‘half-informed’ intellectual superficiality. Everybody claims to know the answer to every question but actually know nothing. They don’t doubt their intellectual hollowness. They denounce the opponent vehemently. This ambiance of shallow belief is in straight infringement of the intellectual elegance, based on ‘moulik soch’ or original thought, which is based of thousands of year’s journey of great civilization. Indian campuses are full of such half baked intellectuals who claim themselves as modern, liberal, secular and democratic but actually they are most intolerant to others. Recently nation saw intolerant behavior from such intellectuals and many a campuses witnessed politics of obstruction and disruption.

We Indians have dozens of such historical legacies which made us supreme humans.

Even when there was neither Christianity nor Islam, some six centuries before the birth of Christ and some ten centuries before the birth of Muhammad, great Bharat wrote a great treatise, ‘Natya Shastra.’ In 6,000 Sanskrit ‘shlokas’ entire essence of the aesthetic experience of ‘Rasa’ theory was written and discussed.

India had ‘Nalanda’ university even centuries before Christ, Christianity, Muhammad and Islam came into existence which taught students from as far as Japan and West Asia. Hieum Tsang has given a very evocative and touching account of this great university. This was the time when humans were roaming naked in other parts of world. India has oldest seats of learning and civilization like Kashi, Takshila, Patliputra etc..

Hug and kiss, beef eating, burning of Ramayana and Manu smiriti, eulogize caste and Islamic icon like Babur and Akbar, vulgar fashion show in campuses, seminar on Hindu hates and MF Hussain, transgender etc., are treated as sign of secularism, freedom of expression, liberalism, tolerance etc..  Now one can see dramas on hate Ram but love Ravan, mock Ma Durga but love Mahisasur, finance mosques and madarsas but obstruct Ram Temple etc…, Geeta, Cow, Sanskrit, Yoga, Rakshabandhan etc., are also under attack by the champions of secularism and expressionists.

The Vedas have all about the diverse marvel at the wonder of making of this universe.  The Upanishads discover the critical spirit of continuation not by reappearance of creed but by scholarly enquiry. Our sages, thousands of years ago, explored that truth can have many aspects, ekam satya, bipraha bahuda vedanti: The truth is one, but the world call it by different names. But our liberal and secularist are not ready to study these great creations of all times.

Sankaracharya, who revived and rejuvenated Hinduism in the 8th century CE, created  his theory of ‘advaitavad’, not by force or fear like Muslims or Christians or Communists but through dialogue, debate and learned argumentation, called ‘shastrarth’, for which he travelled entire south Asia, across the length and breadth of Bharat. He propounded the methodology of dialogue, discussion, debate and argument which is nowhere found in world history. In ‘Bhagwat’, Narayan or God-Himself narrated the creation of this universe.

Hindu metaphysics have six structures of philosophy. Apart from these systems Hinduism also has the iconoclastic Tantric institution and the Charvaka School which even questions the very presence of God. In his treatise the ‘Arthashastra’ even Chanakya (4th century BCE), a man of strong views, pondered over all the points of view, before he presented his views, to the world.

Tulsidas, Surdas, Maharshi Valmiki, Kabir, Mira, Kabir etc., great poets of Bhakti period, during the medieval period tried to went beyond religious boundaries and tried to dump intolerance practiced by Muslims. These great poets cum saints tried to open dialogue with God as their lover, seeking the path of truth leaving bigotry and fanaticism.

Appreciably, during freedom struggle, this dialogue culture was followed as well. The written material and letters between Mahatma Gandhi, Jawaharlal Nehru and Sardar Patel are stuffed with open statements of differences, both on strategy and principles, but always within the self-control of civilized language and a space for others. Even BJP’s founding fathers also followed debate and discussions, as part of the process of ‘atma chintan’ and nationalism.

Now India democracy rotates around caste quotas and minority communalism and promoting barren minds. People speak but rarely listen to others. The media world is full of fixed, biased, flawed, and uncivilized lexis of hate and lies.

Debates and discussions in Parliament and assemblies have mostly worsened to unrestrained abusing matches where riot like situation regularly engulfs the grace and essence of argument. Party leaders are always followed by hypocrites and ‘chamchas’. The high command is controlled and commanded from some ‘Supreme Address.’ Leaders love sycophancy. Those in opposition are considered foes.

Recent logjam in Parliament is the latest example of intolerance. It is said that External Affairs Minister Mrs.Sushma Swaraj wrote a letter requesting passport to the ailing wife of controversial business man Lalit Modi. Entire opposition started treating Mrs.Swaraj like a criminal. If a letter written by a minister on humanitarian ground can make her a criminal, then what about those who wrote a letter showing kindness to dreaded terrorists Yakub Menon.

Similarly during seventies left parties coined a slogan ‘halla bol’ means attack the opponent. Dalits coined a slogan against upper castes ‘tilak, taraju aur talwar, inke maro jute char.’ Similarly some caste and communal groups formed a group ‘AJGAR’ against some castes.

Recently dreaded terrorist Yakub Menon, responsible of serial bomb blast in Mumbai, was hanged. Indian judiciary gave him twenty two long years to prove his innocence. But when he failed to prove his innocence, he was hanged. But so many so called individuals and right groups objected to his hanging and created a riot like situation in the country, while opposing his hanging.

Now nation is tired of seculars and liberals dividing this country and society up into hundreds of little groups: caste, religion, ethnic, regional, linguistic etc., etc., setting them upon each other, breeding hatred, spite and envy, and then having the thick and strong nerve to accuse others. This is a new kind of intolerance but treated as modern and liberal. However, all this can cause tremendous discomfort if we Indians don’t change our mentality about what is my space and what isn’t.

The Mahabharat, the greatest and biggest of all the epics ever written on the earth, having about two lakhs slokas, is the most suitable example showing the consequences when ‘Kauravas’ perished completely due to intolerance. Similarly intolerant Ravan has to see the deaths of all his near and dear ones in another great epic The Ramayan. Do we want the same fate to be repeated?  The country is ours. We obviously have to think today.


Rotten Marks

August 22, 2015

Exam and admission season are going all over the country. It is shocking every admission seeker have scores in eighties and nineties. There was a time when scoring 65% meant, a big achievement for a student and he was treated as brilliant, and if he touched seventies, then he was compared with Swami Vivekananda! But today students are getting 100% or near to in Higher Secondary cannot  sure of getting admission to a department of choice in Delhi’s top colleges or in top professional college.

This is the gift of so called great reforms initiated by so called great economist Dr.Man Mohan Singh, and learner friendly modern, liberal and secular education system. In economics, there is the GDP deflator, to assess the level of price, development and inflation on the pricing of goods and services. But there is no deflator to assess the grade and inflation of marks in high school, intermediate and at higher level.

Scoring 100% in English, once considered impossible, is a very common scene. Now a very simple question comes to mind, whether our kids are getting more intelligent and brilliant, or whether awarding high marks is a clever ploy of hiding poor education system.

It cannot be claimed that Indian students are intellectually and academically getting higher because our school grades are getting higher and higher every year. However, knowledge, discipline, manners etc., signal that the students are going down and down.  While at one end, college cut offs keep touching sky, but our international ranking in science, technology and innovation keeps going down. In other words, scoring high marks definitely does not mean learning well, at least in India. Even in top 200 hundred universities, no Indian university is found.

During the last decade our students are getting higher and higher grades on certificates and degrees but all this brilliant performances on mark sheet and degrees do not reflect our knowledge levels. See to the 2014 Global Innovation Index, 81% of patent applications are from China, the US, Japan, South Korea and the EU. America leads in computer systems, South Korea has emerged as the new entry in the knowledge and research map but India is nowhere to be seen. Europe and America are the leaders and China, Japan and Korea are close to them but we are nowhere in the scene.

But where is Indian education system heading? In terms of patent applications we stand nowhere, just a pigmy and cannot stand to match up to any of the world leaders in the field field of education, science and technology. Curiously enough, Indians have, patents submitted, abroad are in large number than those that invented in our universities. Once again, Indian education here has contributed nothing.

In India education is also a part of vote bank politics. A graduate degree of any Islamic madarsa is at par with a degree of IIT, IIM or DU.  Due to this Indian students fare very poor when it comes to reading, writing, science, mathematics and technology even behind third world countries like Jordan, Armenia, Thailand and Singapore.

It would be unpatriotic if it is said that our coveted IITs, IIMs, University of Delhi, etc., do not appear among top 300 institutions of the world. Our head go down in shame when we see that from very small nations institutions make the grade in the list.  It is not the only American or western universities are always on top but even Peking University is at 48th position, unknown Tsinghua University at 49th and even ordinary  Fudan University, at rank number 194th , are much above then our the best. Even Singapore University, Bangkok University is above is above Indian universities.

Reason is very simple to understand why the grade indicator does not show any Indian University because purpose and the quality of students those are being accounted for, are not the same. Here through education, campuses and students, vote bank politics is chased. Now educational policies are not about excellence or quality education, but about vote bank politics.

Now politicians initiate education policies and not the academicians. Now Right to Education (RTE), No Detention System upto 12th standard, Mid Day Meal, Sarva Siksha Abhiyan, Madarsa Education, Caste and Communal Quotas, political appointees, etc., etc., are responsible for this fate.

Now students are getting higher and higher grades or marks, but the knowledge level and standard is going lower and lower.  There was a time when first class meant badge of excellence, but today 60% means nothing. Now grade inflation and high award of marks are ordered by the policy makers. Question papers are become more and more objective where right answers can be procured easily. But when it comes to writing a sentence or a paragraph, students fail to write correctly.

If examinations and evaluation is done honestly and no cheating is allowed, the pass percentage in best of Indian universities cannot cross 20%. Such scenes can be seen in the best on Indian institutions like IITs, DU, FTII, etc… Then political fathers jumps in the campuses and all the failed are passed.

Long back, the than BJP government in Utter Pradesh, headed by Shri Kalyan Singh, brought very tough, Anti Copying Act and all the cheating was stopped. But the results could not cross 10% at 10th and 12th standards and all the campuses were emptied of students.

All talk about quality education or standard but nobody wants to take tough measures. Quality education is not the priority of ay body. All of this suits to everybody, political masters, authorities and students, all are happy. The more generous the system of marking, grading, examination and admission, the more modern, liberal, free, pro-learner, stress free and scientific system it will be and less pressure there is on students to perform.  Schools, universities and institutions, all are attacked by this malaise.

Now one can see politicians, bureaucrats, judges, NGO operators, Civil society and right activists etc., etc., occupying big positions in academic bodies. During UPA regime, all the academic institutions were plagued by such elements. This is one very important reason why good teachers and professors are driven out of the system by bad elements.

Now, it is almost a rare scene in some department and institutions to see a below B plus or below 55%. This discourages the urge to work hard when one is getting good grade without hard work. Now good achievers in Indian Universities perform very poorly on the world stage. Grades and marks are going high but educational standard and knowledge level are going down.

That day is not very far when we will see a new mathematical system of getting 110% and 120% in place of 100%.

Moving Towards Second Slavery

August 22, 2015

Rotating and rotating in the red fire
Brother cannot see his own brother;

System going haywire; the ruler cannot hold;

Complete chaos is spread, miseries untold.

The hot blood-deluge is gushed and all around

The honest and innocents are lost and laughed,

The masters have lost all sincerity, while the nastiest

Have all the fanatical might.

Definitely something wrong and shocking is near;

Perhaps Second Slavery is at close by.

The Second Slavery! Moment is that sound out

When a dreadful image of Taimur, Genghis Khan

Troubles my mind: somewhere in the sands of deserts

A demon with human body and heart of a butcher,

Must be on the prowl, a gaze ruthless and as ruthless

As the desert sun is burring all slowly but sure dead.

Real and harrowing shadows of the cruel desert lords,

Always keeps the land wet and red like perpetual dark.

But now I fear those six decades of shameless sleep

Have emboldened the dangerous rock frame

And the coarse monster in form of man,

To march with his marauder band of ISIS,

Stoop towards Delhi to re-incarnate the cruel Sultanate.

No Second 1947

August 22, 2015

Why should for eternity blame the nation terror and rogue

For all the killings and wailing
Rains the miseries and death on secular nation,
Or filled the lanes and roads with cadavers and carcass.
Had they but valor and humanity like human?
What could have made them peaceful with a mind
That non-violence and tolerance made simple like Ganga water,
With heart and soul like a soft heart like mother, a kind
That is not natural with a faith like theirs.

Baptized to be wicked and cruel and most ruthless.
Why, what could they do, being what they are?
Was there another 1947 for them to burn?


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