October 21, 2016

Once said Bard of Avon in his famous drama “Merchant of Venice.” It is true also. Now a day, for rich and famous America is a glittering land. For common Indian Mumbai and especially Bollywood is a glittering land. And every year thousands of rich and wealthy, land in America to fulfil their dreams in that 24×7 glittered land. Similarly, common Indians run to Mumbai and Bollywood to see their dreams come true.

Dreams are a very beautiful world. It is not sinning to dream. One must dream. Dreams make a man happy. I also dream. During my youth, I also used to dream. But my dreams were confined only to Mumbai, Bollywood and Shahrukh Khan, King of celluloid world, Bollywood.

But there was no way to see my dreams come true. Living in a remote village, near Anantnag, in Kashmir Valley, my village was totally cut off from the modern world. I was only parroted to be a royal Muslim. In the name of education, I sometimes used to visit a madrassa, housed in a big and only pucca, construction of the village. Nobody knows who financed its’ construction and nobody could have asked this question at the peril of his life. There also head Maulvi or teacher was more interest in government grants than in teaching. Occasionally, he used to talk about some Islamic practices like offering namaz, five times a day, observing rozas or fast etc.. He also used to emphasise to keep the untrimmed beard, wear a skull cap and salwar kameez. Islamic militants were his role model and icon. My teacher or haziji, students used to call him with this title, was very fond of listening radio Pakistan.

But my role model was Shahrukh Khan, the Badshah. In the late dark hours of  the night, we people used to view television. Viewing the television was banned in the valley, as it was considered un-Islamic and militants were dead against it. When all the elders were in deep sleep, I used to watch, King Khan’s movies.

Ram Narayan Rajdan was my next door neighbour. On a dreadful night, five Pundits were massacred by Islamic terrorists and they issued a Fatwa to all the remaining Pundits to leave the village otherwise they would meet their slaughtered brothers in the other world. Fearing for their lives Narayans fled to Delhi from the village with tear and horror in eyes.

In Delhi, they lived in tents as refugees and after a great struggle, they established themselves in Delhi in somewhat satisfactory manner. After two years Ram Narayan again revisited his village with his family. They smeared the village soil on their forehead. When they returned to Delhi they took my son Salman aged ten, with them for domestic help.

Salman started helping Rajdans in their domestic chores and at Rajdan’s shop. In free time Ram Narayan used to teach Salman about basics of Hindi, English and Math. Seeing the interest of Salman in studies Ram Narayan got Salman admitted in a government school. Salman became very good in his studies and Rajdans never looked back in helping Salman in his studies. Days passed, months passed, years passed. Salman became an Engineer, thanks to the help and generosity of Rajdams.

In the campus placement, Salman got the job of a maintenance engineer in an American multinational company, Caterpillar, although Muslims grow up hating and cursing America. It is an irony that the same country is giving bread and honour provider to a Muslim family in this dark corner. First posting of Salman was in Mumbai. We were highly pleased on this miracle of Almighty.

After living and working for a few months, Salman reserved train tickets for us to Mumbai. We all were on nine clouds. On the fixed date we caught the train to Mumbai and reached Mumbai. Salman was there to receive us. Our joy was limitless. After visiting important places of Mumbai we all went to historical Wankhede Stadium to see an IPL match between Mumbai Indians, owned by famous industrialist Mukesh Ambani and Kolkata Night Riders, owned by none other than Shahrukh Khan, King of Bollywood. In that match, Kolkata Knight Riders defeated Mumbai Indians. We all were very happy with our visit to Wankhede Stadium and victory of our favourite Kolkata Night Riders.

Joyously we were returning. We saw some noise and a riot-like situation in the ground. A wrinkled, stammering, dishevelled, shabbily dressed man, in his fifties, in an inebriated condition, were abusing and assaulting security guards and a young girl. From a distance, it appeared that perhaps, the man and the guards were pushing or slapping each other. We ignored the ruckus and came back to the flat of Salman, giving by the generous company.

Next day we all expressed our desire to see Shahrukh Khan or at least his bungalow Mannat. When we all, were standing in front of his bungalow we could not believe our eyes, whether it was a hallucination or reality. Salman purchased The Times of India to see the latest about the world. The headline “IPL’s Hottest Fight: SRK vs MCA- Move to Ban Star From Wankhede After Scuffle….” Hit my head and mind like a bomb blast in the Kashmir Valley.

Shocked and shattered, I wondered who had come to Mumbai, to see Shahrukh Khan, the King, the Superhero, the Super Fighter, but he was involved in a scuffle with guards and abusing a girl like street ruffians. Was yesterday’s it was Shahrukh Khan…? O, God! It can’t.

I fell on the floor. Thinking about Ram Narayan Rajdan, We uprooted him from his dear motherland but he taught my son. Our co-religious brothers blasted and plundered Mumbai several times, but same Mumbai gave shelter, employment to my son. We grew hating and cursing America but same America has fulfilled all our dreams in one go. We grew up idolising and adoring King Shahrukh Khan but the headline of The Times of India shattered our vision.

The World has changed but we have not.

Technologies: Killer of Creativity 

October 20, 2016

This is very true that now, a large number of people do on write by hand. This means that less and lesser people now use diary, pen or pencil and they use computers, laptops and smartphones for writing and memorising the things. This is a very common practice to give diaries, fountain pens or writing kit as gifts, unaware that hardly anybody uses them although now pen is also a formidable form of technology, Kind people often give me fountain pens as gifts, unaware that for me the fountain pen is an attractive form of technology, designed with timepiece, calculator and other material. People are so lazy or unsystematic that most of are unable to fill, refill the fountain pen or ball-point.
There was a time when people have, blue, red or blue-black ink, over their hands, shirts and clothes. So many handkerchiefs used to be ruined to clean the stains of the ink. Children used to spoil the sarees and dupattas of their mothers or sisters. All such pleasures and family bonding are now gone with the technologies. Now users are always worried about their safety, maintenance and high cost.

Now, the rejected, good old ball-point has replaced the pen. It rarely spoils the clothes and hand and it is used and throws type which fits the modern day youth’s philosophy of do as one likes or total casualness. Now, nobody keeps ink-pot, blotting paper, eraser sharpener, diary and writing pads. People have completely surrendered to computers, calculators and smart phones.

Technology has changed our lives, behaviour and personality. We don’t think about the pros and cons of the using computers and smartphones but rather we are over dependent or slave of them. If they are not around us we become uncomfortable and irritating.

Around two decades back, school going kids were fully equipped with pen-holders into which nibs had to be fixed and ink-pots. Almost all the school desks were fitted with a hole for ink. Students had to dip the nib of the holder into this ink-well of blue or black ink and then struggle away to write few words before again dipping the nib into the inkwell. The writing was a good mental exercise which used to activate mind and body as well.

This was a very arduous process; but this process produced Dickens, Kipling, Shaw, Tagore, Prem Chand and Radhakrishnan —dip and write, dip and write, for days and weeks and months and years. People were very careful about handwriting, grammar, spellings and punctuation so that the compositor (in the case of an author) or a teacher (in the case of students) can understand what had been written. But computer and smartphones have killed this mental exercise.

Letter writing is the biggest causality of computers and smartphones. There was a time when letter writing was a big art. Letters used to discuss families, news, society, politics, geography, weather and what not. the art of letter writing produces some of the best literarily pieces. Letters of Matthew Arnold, Bernard Shaw, Mahatma Gandhi, Nehru, John F. Kennedy etc., are now big and popular literary books.

Similarly, oven dependence on computers, smartphones and calculators has destroyed the mathematical abilities. Now most of the people cannot do the simple mathematical issues without the help of calculators. People are almost mentally crippled.

Writing skills makes a man disciplined and systematic. A person’s personality or the behaviour can be judged by his handwriting. Mahatma Gandhi, Radhakrishnan, Abraham Lincoln and John F Kennedy had good handwriting and they were great statesmen but the handwriting of Hitler was poor and deteriorated as time went by, his mind and behaviour also so similar behavioural deterioration. Wainwright was a dreaded criminal—notorious serial poisoner, had neat and graceful handwriting, but he was a neat and clean poisoner.

Overuse of computers, smartphones and calculators have also spoiled the art of good teaching and skills of good and meritorious teachers. Good teachers used to teach to write clear and fast. They always used to emphasise the importance of good handwriting. They always told their students to write large and clear letters; don’t compress a lot of words into a small space etc., etc. Good and open handwriting develop an open, organised and uncluttered mind and those poor teachers were very right. But computers and smartphones have made this teaching excellence a thing of past.

Students used to take a lot of pains practising good handwriting and excellence in oral calculations; but now good handwriting and command over mathematical calculations have been obsolete, and now computers, smartphones and calculators are the companions of every student. Even writing helps hand in good shape and oral calculation keeps mind alert.

Now a day, due to addiction to mobile phones, large numbers of accidents are taking place on roads, railways lines and other places. In such accidents, thousands of people lose their lives. Similarly, over-use of electronic gadgets is turning modern youth, indiscipline, very casual and highly ill-mannered. Now a day, campuses of schools and colleges are full of such indiscipline, very casual and highly ill-mannered students, turning campuses as anarchists and chaotic places.

Paper and pencil help in developing creative skills too. It is a very easy method, but pen and paper give physical and mental satisfaction. If one is an expert in writing and calculations, it develops a certain sensuous relationship about this bond, an intimacy that is absent from any other electronic gadgets i.e. computer, smartphones and calculators. It is the feel and contact of the paper, the current of ink, the flow of the pen, the association and intimacy of all three with the human hand and the hand’s union with the mind of the writer. This is all the power of the pen and the importance of the paper. Man’s overdependence and over indulgence with computers, smartphones and calculators have killed this relationship and broken the joint family into nothingness.



October 11, 2016

Famous spiritual Guru Sri Sri Ravi Shankar Ji Maharaj once said that this world is full of miracles.  There are millions of miracles in the world about whom nobody can unravel their mystery.  So as our eminent historians are also capable of creating any type of miracles.  One such miracle is the creation of Akbar’s Jodha Bai.  It may be their poetic or creative license or a great political design.  But one thing is sure, that they have created their own patterned history, which suits their Godfathers.

Famous film producer Ashutosh Gowarikar has made a film, Jodha-Akbar but he has to answer some uncomfortable questions about the identity of Jodha Bai. Now a question is raised whether she was Akbar’s or Jahangir’s or anybody else’s or she existed at all.

Indian historians have succeeded in peddling an imaginative romanticised folklore of Jodha Bai as trenches of history.  Now scholars are raising doubts over the very existence of the character of Jodha Bai, which has been created by the Indian historians for Mugal Emperor Akbar.

Now a natural question comes to mind, that after all who was Jodha Bai? Whether she was a real character or the imagination of historians to fulfill their designs? Now, the groups of historians who believe in the existence of Jodha Bai are bitterly divided about her conjugal position.  One group of historians made this Jodha Bai as Akbar’s wife while other group made her Akbar’s daughter in law or wife of notorious prince Salim, who later came to be known as Jahangir.

Abul Fazl, Badaumi, and Nizamuddin Ahmed, etc wrote in their account that the eldest daughter of Raja Bhar Mal of Amber was married to Akbar, but her name was kept a secret. Her name was also omitted from the Vanshawali of the Amber raj gharana. After giving birth to a male child this princess was titled as Mariyam-us-Zamani. Akbar had many wives, but this Rajput queen was the chief queen.


Some historians believe that the second Rajput wife of Jehangir was Jodha Bai whose real name was Jagat Gosain and she was the daughter of Raja Uday Singh of Jodhpur. The word Jodha has traditionally been the name of princess of Jodhpur.


But there is unanimity on one point this mysterious lady was the daughter of Raja Bharmal, the Rajput ruler of Amber, but no body knows the name of this prince.  It is another mystery that even Jahangir, in his memoirs, Tuzuk-i- Jahangir, kept complete silence about his own mother.  He no where mentioned that Jodha Bai was his mother.

There is no authentic historical evidence to corroborate this fact that the daughter of Amber rules Raja Bhar Mal was married to Akbar.  First time this was mentioned by a Punjab historian, Sujan Rai Bhandari, in his book Khulasaf-ut-Tawarikh that the mother of Jahangir, was the Amber prince, whom Akbar married.  But Rai also no where mentioned, the name of that princes and the mother of Jahangir as Jodha Bai.

Noted historian James Tod gives another version. He wrote in Annals and Antiquities of Rajasthan, first published as Annals of Rajputana in 1832. He says there was a Jodha Bai daughter of Rai Singh and married to Jahangir and who was very powerful in the Mughal court. Some historians believe that the Kachwaha Rajputs of Amber had given a daughter to the Mughals. She was the daughter of Bhagwan Das but her name was lost in obscurity. This princess was married to Jahangir and was mother of Khusro.

Then who was Jodha Bai? Another noted historian Prof.  Satish Chandra twisted the saga of Jodha Bai in a different direction.  In an NCERT text book on history on Medieval India, he states on page No.165 that one Udai Singh married his daughter Jagat Gosai to Akbar’s eldest son Salim or Jahangir.  This Jagat Gosain later on came to be called as Jodha Bai, who mothered Shahjahan, Mugal emperor after Jahangir.

It is a very sad commentary on the caliber of history scholars and academicians that the country does not know the real facts about Jodha Bai, the wife of Akbar or Jahangir, a real or fictitious character.

History is a very important subject.  But after independence some handful of historians are firmly in total control of all the affairs of history in our country and at their will and suitability they have twisted the tales of history.  As a matter of fact this group of eminent historians in our country are the agents of certain political outfits.  So tales and facts have emerged from their jholas, not from research institutions and libraries.

It would be in the fitness of things to discuss another fact about Akbar in this creation of fictitious history.  A group of historians, came very close to declare that Akbar almost renounce Islam and started and embraced Deen-e-Ilahi, sect. , due to the powerful influence of this rajput princess.  So it can be very safely argued that when Akbar breathed his last, he was not a Mugal but the founder head, follower and preacher of Deen-e-Ilahi.  But due to secular pulls and pressures, this theory could not see the light of the day.


Now it seems that, there definitely a powerful lady existed during the era of Akbar and Jahangir. She was very close to both father and son duo and naturally both were interested in her also. Perhaps she was like a modern day PAGE-3 brand socialite, whom rajput rulers might have presented to Akbar and Jahangir to influence and control wild Mugals, like honey trap and in their attempts they were highly successful too.


Now one question comes to mind, why historians created and romanticized the character of Jodha Bai so intelligently that it enhanced the stature of Akbar considerably.

First thing may be, that by highlighting the marriage of a Rajput Princes with a Mugal, Indian historians have in mind to lower the pride and chivalry of Rajputs in particular and Hindus in general and enhance the stature of Moguls.  Second by connecting different tales with the legend of Jodha Bai Indian historians might have in mind to create a gigantic, huge, character of Akbar the Great, who was liberal and secular, because most of the eminent Indian historians live and die to project Moguls as secular and liberal.

So this is high time that in the interest of the nation and society, such type of biased history and history writers should be shown the door.  Nation and people should have honest, authentic and unbiased history of their nation, people and civilization.  It is also the duty of Human Resource Development Ministry, UGC, Indian History Congress etc., to give projects to clear the doubt over the legend of Jodha Bai.

Permit to arrest or apprehend: Draconian laws

October 11, 2016


 Recently the Director General (DG) of Corporate Affairs, Late Shri B.K.Bansal was arrested on the charge of taking some bribe. The next day his wife and daughter committed suicide due to humiliation. After almost two months of his arrest B.K.Bansal and his son committed suicide, blaming the Center Bureau of Investigation of torture and beating.

This power is derived from Section 41 of the Code of Criminal Procedure. The officers of DSPE (Delhi Special Police Establishment) may take the assistance of the local police while making the arrest, whenever considered necessary.

This is not the only case of arrest. An accused of Akhlaq murder case of Dadri, Ravi died in the hospital. His family members blamed the Noida jail authorities of torture and beating. When he was arrested, he was perfectly fit.

These arrests have turned the spotlight on the provision of arrest and detention and the purpose it is being made to serve. The data produced by National Crime Records Bureau, in September 2015, tell that over 3,200 people were being held only in administrative arrests or detention in Indian jails only in one month, i.e., December 2014.

Ravi, a driver was arrested in Dadri, on the charge of killing one Akhlaq, who himself was accused by the villagers of stealing a calf and subsequently killing it. The murder of Akhlaq gave an issue to the secular parties and activists, so the apparent reason for arrest could be to calm down the passions and appease the Muslims.

B.K.Bansal was arrested on the charges of demanding and accepting the bribe from a client.

Grounds for arrests under Scheduled Caste and Scheduled Tribe (Prevention of Atrocities) Act, 1989, have been equally imaginative. This is an Act of the Parliament of India enacted to prevent atrocities against Scheduled Castes and Schedule Tribes. Thousands have been arrested or slapped with the very harsh sections, which are almost non-bailable without any offence. Since the evidence for the commission of a crime or an offence is not a necessary condition of arrest, merely a FIR is enough and charges can be framed as imaginative. Time to time, voices have been raised against this draconian provision but due to vote bank politics, there is no respite from this horrible act.

Recently, in Maharashtra, a lot of Marathas took a stand against this act. In states like UP, Haryana, Bihar, Delhi, HP, etc., so many caste groups have been demanding to abolish this act.

Another draconian act is Dowry Prohibition Act, 1961 and also Section-498A under Indian Penal Code. Under this act, anybody can be arrested only on the basis of a FIR. Even a member of the family can be included as an accused under this act. Society has reached a stage where merely living together, telephonic conversation etc., have become triggers for arrest or detention. Just yesterday i.e on 10 October 2016, five members of a family (Sarkar Family), committed suicide due to harassment by the daughter-in-law, misusing this act.

Recently enacted POSCO Act is another draconian act, added to the list. Prima facie, the context of the sex offence may seem like a big offence for arrest. After all, it is a crime against an individual—the arrest provision that mandates the enactment of extraordinary laws for crimes connected with the dignity of a female.

Precisely, because of the tendency of people, law enforcing authorities and state’s propensity to misuse these extraordinary tough laws has been much higher in proportion to the threat to an individual. We need to place all the evidence at the time of arrest or detention. One can see thousands and thousands of innocents languishing in jails without any crime. Even judiciary is very insensitive to the plight of such innocents.

This is not a new thing in India. It was started by Sardar Patel, a name for the advocates of a ‘hard state’ who introduced and managed the preventive bill passed by Parliament in 1950. But he felt very uncomfortable and it was against his conscience. He admitted that he spent two sleepless nights before the introduction of the bill in Parliament but was compelled to do so because of the political and social unrest created by the anti-national forces.
His fears have come true during these years of independence. The provisions of detention and arrest have been misused with an alacrity and aplomb by individuals and authorities. The worst part of this is that Indian judiciary is also not concerned about the human rights and dignity of citizens.

Individuals from government departments like police, Central Bureau of Investigation, Electricity departments, local bodies etc., are the ones who are misusing such provisions of Indian Penal Code. On one hand, it is a ‘necessary evil’ for safeguarding the unity, integrity, and peace of the nation but now it a ‘necessary provision’ for a strong, protective nation.

Such tough measures are necessary for terrorists, anti-nationals, dreaded criminals, gangsters, smugglers, money launderers etc.. But irony is that such measures are meant only for common citizens and on the other hand terrorists, nasals, anti-nationals, intruders, dreaded criminals, gangsters, smugglers, money launderers etc.. are left scot-free.Measures such a TADA, POTA, MISA, etc., are needed to control the menace created by terrorists, Naxals, anti-nationals, intruders, dreaded criminals, gangsters, smugglers, money launderers etc.. Exceptional measures are needed for exceptional situations and exceptional outlaws. However, extraordinary measures should not be there for ordinary citizens.

These laws are so tough that order of arrest or detention under these provisions remain operative and valid even if the ground is vague, the evidence is not enough or even if there is no territorial jurisdiction. In the name of safeguarding the interest of some groups or individuals, others are almost repressed like second-grade citizens. Protecting Scheduled Caste, Scheduled Tribes, females, minorities etc., has become a justification to enact such laws, against citizens for no fault.

These laws have come to function as a parallel system of ‘lawless laws.’ They are lawless or brutal laws because they suppress the human rights of others and obstinately upturn the very basis of a justice system and a citizen is presumed guilty until proven innocent. It is this pattern that makes the demeanour of the detention laws a travesty of justice and justice system itself.

In democratic and civilised nations such laws are used in an extraordinary situation, emergency, but in India, such provisional measures become a normal, stable and standard practice. These extraordinary laws have become permanent in statute books where the state itself suspends the rule of law for appeasing some groups. It is a kind of lawlessness that has the potential to make some groups outlaws and a law unto themselves.

Destined for Sermons

October 3, 2016

This is not a new thing. Now in India activism has become a very flourishing profession. A large number of secularists, communists, Islamists, NGOs, journalists, etc., are employed in this business and minting tons of money. There is one Tirupati Desai, raiding Hindu temples with her brigade. But there is one thing common, all this activism is directed towards Hindus and Hinduism.


During Diwali, in the name of pollution control, so many types of restrictions and bans are imposed. On Holi, in the name of water conservation, all type of activists mock Holi. On Ganesh Puja, Chath Puja, Durga Puja etc., so many types of restrictions come into existence, especially on immersion of idols. In Tamilnadu centuries old game Jallikuttu is almost banned citing cruelty on animals.


This ailment is so ridiculous that all type of dissections is banned in labs, educational, institutions and research institutes.  Even one cannot kill a cockroach, earthworm, rat, fish, frog etc., for the purpose of education or research in laboratories. This all activism either targets Hindus or Hinduism or national interest.


But all these activists are totally silent when evils of Islam or other minority groups are concerned. On Eid al-Adha (Id-ul-Zuha or Bakr-Id), Muslims slaughter animals. Millions and billions of healthy animals, animals giving milk and animals used in agriculture are slaughtered in most brutal manner. But all are silent on this evil and cruelty against animals. All internal critiques, activists, rationalists and reformers and even the liberal Lefts has played into the racial intolerance against Hindus like Trump.


Here Hindus or Muslims are not an issue. The issue is why secularism has become a questionable concept. And secular leaders are seen with suspicion even in a secular nation. The reaction of secularists, leftists and liberals have been ineffective to the rise of Islamic fundamentalism in India. It seems that secularists, leftists, and liberals have no agenda, except that of xenophobic belligerence and lies about demographic changes. And yet they are shockingly popular. Secularists, leftists, and liberals milk the ignorance of masses by the help of corrupt media and they create false issues and sensationalize the non-issues.


The main reason for the failure of secularists, leftists, and liberals is that they almost support Islamic fanaticism and terrorism. People like Owesi, Azam Khan etc., flourish because of secularists, leftists and liberals take a stand on issues that support Islamic fanaticism. Their behavior is wrong but they remain valid in political galleries.


Here I recall talking to a poor farmer in Utter Pradesh. The farmer, a graying old man in his sixties and Jat by caste, wanted me to understand why he was going to vote for BJP. He said, “I am a secular man, but I am worried about my safety. I want my children must be safe in my own country. I want to celebrate my festivals without any fear and restrictions.


Issue of Bangladeshi’s invasion


Before we laugh on the Communists and secularists on such fears, we need to ask ourselves: would we dismiss similar fears expressed by an aborigine in Australia or Africa? Very few would. If so, what is it that makes us downplay the fears of Hindus and local people about losing their identity, resources, and land? So the current focus on intruders is very genuine.  Nobody can say that intrusion from Bangladesh is good.  But the seculars and the liberal Left always support intruders that rightist politicians and nationalists take them up — and play with the issue without any solutions.


The liberal Left also has a penchant to short-circuit all internal democracy and critiques. It thus dumps that entire space to the ‘othering’ xenophobia of nationalist politicians. For instance, in most liberal Left circles, it is very hard to critique Muslim societies as containing gender inequality, burqas, triple talaq, slaughtering, jihad, Sharia, madrassas etc.. The moment an Indian Muslim or any secular Hindu aim such a critique at interpretations and practices within Islam formations, they are accused of catering to the West or playing into the hands of BJP or other nationalist groups.


For instance, by focussing on the sati, purdah, dowry, Hindu puja system etc., Hinduism was defined in a very bad way but on matters like multiple wives, zenana, veiling, gender inequality, burqas, triple talaq, slaughtering, jihad, Sharia, madrassas etc., Muslim societies are never criticized in that manner by secularists and communists. Such definitions — in the above cases, Muslims are never questioned but Hindu societies were stereotyped as oppressing women and oppressive faith.


Similarly, on the issue of Dalits, Hindus are brutally attacked but on the repression of Shias, Voharas, Kadiyanis, Ahmedias, Kurds, Yezdis, Balochs, etc., they are all silent or supportive.


The reverse side of Liberal Lefts
Let us say that some Hindu circles do not give women the full freedom to choose their profession, education, or attire but the condition of women in Islam is very bad. But on Islam, Left-liberal are silent or supportive. Isn’t such a behavior is just the reverse side of secularism  — that is, we cannot talk about one culture as we are afraid of  them (or Muslims), but we are very aggressive on one because they are secular and liberal ( or Hindus). By doing so, we allow secular discourses to take over our complex realities, and hence surrender the complexity of our secularism to Islamic fanaticism. The secularism of left-liberal model has reduced the spectrum of our secularism to the special minority (Muslims) and Hindus.


But to react to this by decreeing that one cannot talk  gender inequality or oppression in Muslim societies is to do something similar: put in place a discourse that denies the complex realities on the ground. This also encourages reactionary maulanas and maulvis in our societies to claim that they are just perfect — or Hindus are imperfect!

Interestingly, the liberal Left is quite critical of the flaws of Hindus and Western societies: for instance, it strongly condemned the ‘West ban on burqas and radical Islamic practices. But for the French equivalent of Hindu fear, this looks lopsided: after all, a large number of left intellectuals and NGOs are getting liberal aids from Islamic countries. Very recently in a local feud in Dadri over cow theft, one Akhlaq was killed. But these left liberals defamed the nation and Hindus, all over the world, as intolerant and violent. Even they started a movement of ‘award wapsi’ grasped by them due to their left connections. But these elements were silent on the killing of Hindus in Kashmir, Godhra, Mathura, Ayodhya etc.



Even the demand of Common Civil Code is opposed very vehemently by liberal Left but they are very strong supporters of slaughtering of cows. It is good that you oppose the caste or dowry ban, but how about also supporting the hijab, burqa, triple talaq, multiple wives, madrassas etc., ? But much of the liberal Left has chosen not to speak or support. And hence we get Modi, BIP, and Co.



A State And The Five Districts

September 10, 2016

Kashmir Valley is always in news. This valley has become a curse for this nation. This disturbed valley consists of five districts Srinagar, Anantnag, Baramullah, Kulgam and Pulwama. There is total calm and peace in other seventeen districts out of twenty-two districts. So this is sheer stupidity to call it a Kashmir problem. These rioting districts consist of only 15% of total area and population of the state of Jammu and Kashmir. These five districts house the venomous separatists, anti-nationals and fanatic Islamists who have made so called ‘azadi’, rioting, terrorism and fanaticism as a big lucrative business.


These anti-nationals are very handsomely paid by so many agencies. Even government of India give all the best facilities to these separatists, rioters, anti-nationals, arsonists, stone pelters, acid and bomb throwers and police armory looters. They are showered with money, rioters get best treatment, anti-nationals get fat economic packages in the name of healing touch and rehabilitation.


Even Supreme Court is shocked on this attitude. It has questioned that why the government has has been providing funds and security to separatists and anti-national. Funds are given by New Delhi to separatists and anti-nationals but they are involved in spreading hate and violence in the valley.  They have hate for India and Hindus and they love Pakistan and Muslims. Now they are guided by fanatic and intolerant ‘Wahabi’ Islam.


Similarly 85% of state population is peace loving. Hindus, Sikhs, Christians, Buddhists, Dogras, Paharis (45 %)Shias (12 %), Gurjars (14 %), Bakarwals (8 %), Baharis, Baltis, etc., also have no problem. They are also peaceful patriots. Only handful of Sunni Muslims has been spearheading this anarchy.


But now this anti-national separatist’s movement has lost its meaning for the world. Now even Islamic nations do not pay any attention to this separatist’s movement. Now world do not care. Worldwide, the Kashmir separatist movement is ruined by alliance with Pakistan. World see Pakistan as a failed, rogue-terror state. Pak occupied Baluchistan, PoK, Karachi, Sindh etc., have been witnessing most brutal type of repression by Pak army and authorities. Same brutalities are done by pro-Pak elements in Kashmir, on Hindus and Indian security forces. A figure suggests that around one lakh lives have been lost in twenty five years of terrorism let loose by pro-Pak terror elements.


But there propaganda mechanism is very strong. They wrongly blame Indian government and Indian security forces of violence and oppression. Even the large numbers of Indian secularists, communists, journalist, intellectuals etc., speak the language of Pakistan and separatists. But now due to the growing strategic importance of India, world is largely unruffled to the Kashmir issue.


The other reason is there hundreds of terror groups in Islamic countries and nobody want to entertain other ones in Kashmir only to endanger their own security and peace in near future. But the biggest advantage India has on world stage is Pakistan’s poor record of human rights in Baluchistan, PoK, Karachi, Sindh etc.. Similarly Hindus of Pakistan also are worst victim of human rights violation and denial of dignity of life. Pakistan is seen as a land of grooming and hosting terrorists and fanatics and repressing Hindus and other minorities. This association has brought a bad name to movement of Sunni Muslims of five districts.


Irrelevant separatists and Pakistanis, perhaps have no idea that they have no reputation in the internationals arena. PM Modi’s open and bold eruption against Pakistan in the recent G20 submit and in west Asian countries stumped Pakistan and its best allies such as China, Turkey and even Saudi Arabia could not dare to defend Pakistan. Even Pakistan lost its status of observer because all know that Pakistan has become a nation of terrorists and Islamic fanatics. Pakistan is seen as a nation with its deadly sponsorship of terrorism and fanaticism in not only in Kashmir but in entire India.


All the more the latest move by Pakistan of deputing 22 parliamentarians to world capital to lobby for Kashmir separatists has evoked international laughter. Pakistan has never told its citizens about the facts about the UN Resolution but shockingly India also never told her people and the world about the real UN Resolution. First UN Resolution was non-binding and second Pakistan had to vacate its occupation of Kashmir. It has also violated the Resolution by donating off a large part of PoK to China. So resolution is now in-fructuous.


So called expert on Kashmir and peace activists do not want to solve this issue. They have made Kashmir problem as very big lucrative business. If the problem is solved these elements will be irrelevant and their big business empire of hate and fascism will collapse. So they always find fault with Hindus, Indian democracy and Indian security forces and declare this a complicated issue. They love unrest and violence because they get another chance of five star conference and fat package.


Pakistan and separatists get advantage of Indian peace nicks and uses common factor Islam to impress valley Muslims. Pakistan and separatists know it very well that Indian secularists, communists and intellectuals will never blame Muslims as even world’ super power secular democracies fail to control Islamic terrorism. Only like of President Putin or Communist China can control Islamic terrorism. Hence the Indian security forces and India only get a bad name in the mind of Muslims. Thus the ‘we hate India’ and ‘Pakistan zindabad’ slogans and perennially unsolved Kashmir problem is in the fate of Kashmir. .


Hence the Indian army, and India, only got a bad name in the Valley. Thus the ‘we hate India’ slogans and perennially unsolved Kashmir problem has become an ugly reality. In dealing Kashmir, government of India must be very tough. The most fundamental reason of this problem is the ‘Article 370.’ This article has developed the feeling of separation and alienation in the heart and mind of Kashmir people. Only Muslims are behind this problem. They do not want to see any other non-Muslim to live in Kashmir. They are become highly intolerant. They don’t want to live in a secular India. New Delhi must scrap ‘Article 370’ for the assimilation of Kashmir people with rest of India.



Pakistan and Pakistanis are most ungrateful lot. Pakistan has survived not because of its strength but due to the foolish acts by India repeatedly. Pakistanis hate Hindus and India badly but they are never told that Pakistanis were converted from Hinduism. Indians and Pakistanis are people of common ancestry.


Now PM Modi and his team have adopted very tough and robust approach and they are naming and shaming Pakistan and terror groups. They are trying to isolate Pakistan and its sympathizers. Kashmiris and Muslims are the most privileged and empowered people in this country. Actually Kashmir problem has become a Muslim problem. India is a democratic nation and Muslims are the biggest vote bank so all the leaders and parties struggle for Muslim votes. They vote on religious pattern and vote en-bloc. So they are considered as holier than the holy cows. It is the tendency of all to appease them and blame the entire nation for even as bad cough to a Muslim. This mind set is the root of Kashmir problem.




Kashmir: Holocaust Museum

August 17, 2016

What do the Kashmir Muslims want from the country?

We witness the abundant coffins of our Hindu brethrens

and valiant soldiers. But nation is cold to the departed souls.

Their records are kept in decorated museums.

Their belongings are kept in a concrete room

and fill the duties as a statesman.

What do you killers expect from us?

What do the Kashmir Muslims want from the country?


We were just doing our duties like normal humans.

But you made us an item of museum and files.

We are the children, grand children, great grand children;

of this soil. We are the veterans of this soil.

But now we are the sons and the daughters of fleeing fathers.

Lost everything, everyone! Standing on our pyres,

Collective grief converted us stones.

What do the Kashmir Muslims want from the country?


Hindus are tolerant,

Buddhists are tolerant,

Sikhs are tolerant,

Christians are tolerant,

But why are you so intolerant?

Jammu is peaceful, Laddakh is peaceful,

But why is Kashmir valley so intolerant?

What do the Kashmir Muslims want from the country?


Terror, riots, arson, loot, murder, stone pelting,

Bomb hurling, acid throwing, loot of police armories;

Are your favorite sports.

You need to be taught and reformed;

As secular, liberal, modern, tolerant;

Non-violent humans.

Live and let us live.

What do the Kashmir Muslims want from the country?





Constitutional Repression

June 12, 2016

Thou have repressed me, thou has repressed me,

No more, black pages,

Those have repressed us like withered leaves,

For almost sixty years, merit and poor;

Difficult even to breathe.


Cruel Book, I want to disown thou,

Praying thou to die before I had time——

Emotionless-heavy, a load full of borrowing,

Ghastly acts with no good one,

Big as thou writer’s statue.


And a head in the pious Ganga,

Where it showers blessings on the devotees,

In the holy waters descend from divine Gangotri,

I pray to respect my merit,

That was denied to me.


In Bihar, in Tamilnadu or anywhere;

Of caste wars, wars, wars,

But the name of the hate is common,

Multiculturalism and social justice;

The words most obscene.


Game of hate everywhere,

So never know where your

Roots and foot are uprooted,

The tongue jailed in the jaw,

Struck in an insult noose.


No right to express the pain,

Quotas, quotas,

Chewing me like slaughtering goat,

Began to talk like a goat,

Scared, I might be slaughtered.


The ideas of Delhi, the writing on the wall;

Are very clear and biased,

With my learned ancestors and my bizarre luck,

And my merit and my merit,

I may be a bit of goat.


Always scared of the writings,

With biased laws and draconian vies,

Not by a holy book,

But a book black and regressive;

This is democratic fascism.


The boot in the facade, the beast

Monster quotas to crush all voices,

You sit on the chair like a boss,

A crack in your jaw instead of your foot

But no less a demon, no less the black man.


Cut my cute pink heart in two,

I was a child when they killed me,

At twenty they almost killed me,

And could not get anything,

I thought even the bones would be crushed.


Secularism is communalism

And communalism is secularism,

Fair is foul and foul is fair,

Caste is socialism and socialism is caste;

There merit is curse.


But I was thrown into the fire,

And jammed me together with wire,

And then don’t know what to do.

I was made a clown by naves,

A book in black with a dangerous look.


I want to live, I want to live;

But this cruel nation is pushing me off the root,

No fine voices going to pay attention through,

The parasites are sucking my blood,

The cruel book is arming the suckers.


There’s a snake in your writings

And the nation never liked it,

Ignorant are dancing and stamping on merit,

They always knew, they were ignorant,

But no respite I’m through.



N.B.: This poem is a bitter satire on the caste and communal, reservation and

quotas in India in the name of secularism and social justice.  This is a

kind of racism envisaged in the constitution on India and validated by the judiciary. Due to this provision meritorious persons are denied their right and they are oppressed by the people of quota castes and religions.


Constitutional Racism  

June 12, 2016


Constitution then, leaving all other policy of human ideas,
Is an impartial equalizer of the humans.

But this is only on lifeless pages;
Any demand of equality is seen as an contempt,

And punishable offence.
For ages world has honoured knowledge’s infinite power.
But now knowledge is mocked and laughed down,

The makers of the constitution, — The guardians of justice,

Unfortunately, have been more dividing and repressing,
In this order of justice — a monstrous racism in reality.
For some, the only diversity between equality and inequality is votes.

Days out and days in we are killed by quotas—
Like symbols in artificial phrases? —
“Diversity,… Inclusion,…Equality,…Social justice,…

Secularism,…Affirmative action,…”
These are days I feel like non-existence in the cauldron of democracy.

I stand alone in the beautiful flower of false manifestos,

But I always been a victim of injustice,

Disruptive,…Caste-ist,…Anti-Social justice,…
With fervor that outdo the margins of my awareness.


With veins crying foul,
I am the weird patriot that grew too strong for the masses,

I am a vision, vision for a strong nation,
I am a spirit, – a blend of excellence nation would love to disregard;

My roots, won’t let me sit still, nor can be contained.
All the voices, rather than voicing their resistance

Over the oppression and slavery;
Remain mute and laugh on the cuffs,
Un-concerned by the oppressive weight
Of caste and religious privileges.
Politics and power greed,

Crush the merit and talent,
“Merit and talent is become waste energy of no to good use!”
And merit and talent fear the sound of their own voice.
No stage,…No platform,…No ladders…
Those make it impossible to for the merit to reach the stars,
Keep struggling to grab them, but low merit grab everything;

Beyond curriculum, beyond values, stand here, a symptom of sting and pain.

Still we enlighten the world and pour out our souls,
Illuminates the world with our radiant appeal.


Merit requires Arjun-like hard work and insight,
Today, look in the eyes of students- ignorance and fear,

If you try to enlighten them with knowledge,
One is bound to fail in shaping their genius—

As they are the creation of dark quotas.

Look in the eyes of those, victim of quota onslaught;

They have the same light that tamed the mighty empires,

And the Mount Everest…

Same twinkle that guided the Mahatma to freedom,

But the racial quota mischief has undone all.


Exists frustration and gloom; slaves of racial system,

We were meant to be equal, living across caste and religion—

And we are crushed by the counts of democracy,

A cruel method which shook the consciousness.

Are we not humans, waiting for the next dying star?

All work hard to go into space—looking into telescopes,

Every child has potential,

Discrimination is branding them as unwanted,

Denying them their rights,

While some continue take the fruits.


Law in no equalizer—

Rather, it is a killer of Indian Dream.

So wake up! Raise your voices, lift your heads,

Until patches of decimation are stitched.

Potential of every citizen must be honoured,

Non-quota classes have been treated as black sheep;

Absorbing every insult and no escape,
Together, can enthuse galaxies of excellence,

So wake up! Raise your voices, lift your heads,

Otherwise nation will be ‘ghastly statue of Frisco seal.’


N.B.: This poem is a bitter satire on the caste and communal, reservation and                               quotas in India in the name of secularism and social justice.  This is a kind of                    racism envisaged in the constitution on India and validated by the                                        judiciary. Due to this provision meritorious persons are denied their right and                  they are oppressed by the people of quota castes and religions.


Intoxicated Delhi

June 7, 2016

Even the bikes and autos are drunk and dancing
All the dirt and filth float down the Yamuna

What kind of city is this?
Those are demons in Delhi by Sunlight
And how the stink of garbage kill?
It is the true condition of the metropolis;
We ate in the little restaurant an hour ago
Under the dark fumes of inferno
There is no end to our pain and agony
The trees are not to be seen ant where
Clean river and roaring dams are never in reach,
Morning after morning the stink of garbage
Makes masses sickening
While leaders dance painlessly in Lutyens’ Delhi,
Intoxicated and conceited
Our aching and tired heads in the hot sun burn
We are like lifeless advertisements and votes;
For those who come to power,

No one can see the pain of Delhi
They just dance and play while we are fried.