August 8, 2014

When clad, 
Nobody visualizes 
The treasure hidden
Under wrappers.


As, in daylight,

None has notion

Of the stars and moon,

In the blue sky. 


But bare in the day,

And bare in the night,

Vibrate the imagination

And the world of life. 


Your thighs stand out. 
Your hips excel, 
Shines all your 
Squeeze lyre.


Your couture bosoms 
– As two vivacious balls,
Adding passion,
To your youthful torso.


 Your bosom glows,  
Ah! piercing nipples! 
Greasy and slim back! 
Ravishing sides! Pliable shoulders!


When naked, eyes:
Become insightful also: 
Gaze deeper and deeper;  
Fixed but more fluid.


Within those penetrating looks,

Beauty glides,  swims, leaps,

extensive and moving,

In a right direction, plunging!


Diving deeper and deeper;

In the being, where only;

Bliss and ecstasy smiles,

Only naked and naked world.


Images imprinted in the heart,

By sensuous painter,

Take a deep bathe,

In the mystical regions.


To be simple but stylish,

Be hard but gaze yielding,

Be anxious but stare calm,

Be a victor but appear virgin.


That is the way to live,

With body and soul un-wrapped,

Un-clad, free and open,

Why the world be otherwise?


Indians – Learn Manners from Japanese

July 16, 2014

Recently in the ongoing FIFA World Cup held in Brazil, so many uncommon sights are part of the world’s most popular game — yes, this include Brazilian magical sensation Neymar’s new hairstyle, semi nude fans, specially women, painted fans in different colours. But it was a match between Ivory Coast and Japan which pulled the attention of entire world and that was truly a surprise not only about Japanese mannerism, cleanliness but the greatest of all the patriotism. Despite the fact Japan lost their World Cup opener, Japanese fans, after the match, actually took the time to clean up their section of the stadium. In fact this practice is quite common at sporting events in Japan and the good tourists were simply carrying on an inbuilt practice. Generally, football fans of a losing side go into depression or fits of rage and but here instead Japanese clean up the stadium themselves seemed nothing short of a miracle to the entire of the world.

This exemplary behavior pulled the attention of entire world and most talked about incident of FIFA World Cup and ignited a big debate about civic sense and public conduct world wide. Even citizens from arch enemy of Japan, China have applauded the behavior of Japanese fans. Host Brazil and Brazilians have good lessons for high standard for civility and public conduct even well after FIFA-2014 is over.

In India sports fans and common citizens are hardly known for cleaning up after the tournament. On the contrary they leave the public place very dirty and littered after the use be it school, college, hospital or even public toilet, parks, cinema hall. Even India politicians and administrators tell that Indians have ‘different’ hygiene standard. They have no courage to admit that Indians are dirty, ill-mannered and un-civilized. Even India never understood why Lalit Bhanot, secretary general of the 2010 Delhi Commonwealth Games, didn’t get an appreciatory remark. In India no body takes it as a national insult. Who cares about a little filth and poor civic sense? We are proud of shallow slogans like the world’s largest democracy, secularism, multiculturalism etc.. Indians are most unpatriotic people.

One can see fashionable boys, in large numbers, at any public place, wearing designer and branded labels — Ray Ban, Polo, Reebok, Buffalo, Omaxe, Rolex — from head to toe; hair jelled in stylish spikes but elbowing and pushing and shoving to get ahead in the Delhi airport queue in which his co-passengers were standing. He is never shy of these bad manners because bad manners are become inseparable part of his DNA.

The young man wasn’t being willfully forceful and offensive. For him, what he was doing was normal and natural behavior; there was nothing wrong for him. And it can struck to any non-Indian that the young man, wearing the outer accessories of international stylish labels, was a walking — or rather, pushing and jostling — is a real example of almost everything that is wrong with India: it has almost lifted like shop lifting, the outward symbols of global modernity without understanding and internalizing the foundations of basic civic sense and social behavior of which these are just the fake or artificial external tokens.

Nobel Laureate V S Naipaul very rudely mocked such Indians as The Mimic Men, the ‘brown saheb’ Indians who after Independence stolen the shoes of their former British masters and mimic their ways in style of dress and speech. But became a pathetic subject of stupidity. But as comically pathetic as Naipaul’s puppet people were, they at least tried to observe the codes of conduct — however inappropriate they may have been in the context of an sovereign India — of their majestic white mentors.

These mimic Indians blindly and slavishly follow western styles in clothes and fashions with no understanding and sense about social values, civic sense, manners and discipline. Even an educated city guy can be seen breaking the queue or elbowing people aside, talking loudly, peeing in open, over eating, driving BMWs, Landrovers, Jaguars but breaking traffic rules, abusive and murderous on meaningless things, sexual advances towards girls, spoiling any public space etc., etc..
Indians even mimic western names mindlessly in naming housing societies and colonies like Manhattan Heights, Malibu Towers, Oxford Apartments, Sun city, Lavasa etc., but bras, panties and other laundries hanging in balcony. Similarly, quarrelling every day on lawless parking. Indian cities, too boast of the world class Metro systems, roads, world class transport system, malls, banking etc., but citizens have never been taught to learn good manners and civic sense— or they too have taken oath never to learn? — the elementary discipline of allowing a-lighting passengers to first get off before trying to jump their own way inside. We build multi-crore highways and expressways, without any footbridge or cyclist’s track or safe pedestrian crossing and as a result of that thousands of fatalities happen each year with people being run over by speeding vehicles, and nothing ever gets done about it. When you have a population of 1.25 billion, and growing with rapid pace, what’s a few thousand deaths a year?

India mimics the modern world of space-age technology while khap panchayats, Sharia Courts, minority and caste institutions, routinely and with impunity order ‘honour’ killings, issue fatwas, triple talaqs, and brides are burnt alive in everyday cases of ‘dowry deaths’ or women wrapped in burqa. In India now mindless mimicry of all that might be called modern, liberal, free and secular? It’s more than that. It’s a mockery of civilization, ancient or modern. Instead of our “one thing needful”, justifying in us vulgarity, hideousness, ignorance, violence – our vulgarity, hideousness, ignorance, violence are really so many touchstones.

World in Denial

July 11, 2014

A gay got his hole drilled, coolly;
To make a soul happy. All laughed;
Scorned gay committed suicide of shame.
A girl branded a slut, died virgin.
Boy mocked as lame, worked whole night;
To meet the needs of his family.
The maid kicked by the master,
Is abused at home too.
A girl laughed fat, died;
Of hunger so many hungers.
Ugly scared man denounced by natives,
But valiant soldier fought for the nation.
A boy victim of rude fun,
His mother was dying of pain.
A poor man in tatters howling,
He was teaching his rogue pupils.
Monarchs take pleasure in hoors,
But masses toil in the darkness of the graveyard.

A True Poet

July 11, 2014

One day all the kisses will fade away;
A thing too weak for mind,
But the pen of a poet can make,
An insignificant kiss immortal.
A man, made of clay,
Comes and go un-noticed;
But poet can make him immortal.
A poet is not a man of clay,
But an institution of ideas,
Give beautiful rhymes,
To the unknown creations of God,
And leaves them with the world.


July 6, 2014

Shabbily dressed, mouth full of gobbling pan or gutka, cluttered and dirty table, ill mannered, long Q at the window, callous, rude, incompetent, a middleman roaming with wades of notes, corner of the room, red, with the pan spit etc., etc., are clear indication that it is got to be all powerful, an Indian Babu.
Few days back Nirmala Sitharaman said NDA government would work towards making India a better place for doing business in India and be honest and fair in tax system. It is very sensible as rising incidence of tax disputes over the last few years in which big industrial groups were harassed in very ugly manner that represents the most discernible deterrent to doing business in India. The best way to solve this problem is to reform tax policy and tax officers. However, this in itself is very difficult task but very inadequate. Over the last few years there has been a lot more debate on the structure of tax reform as it influences the manner in which policy will be implemented but nothing concrete has been achieved . A recent report on reforming tax administration and system by a group headed by Parthasarathi Shome shows that unless tax administration is reformed, a regime of fair tax cannot be achieved.
It is a well known fact that Indian Babus are highly corrupt and highly inefficient. This is true to tax babus too. The Shome group’s study and assessment of India’s tax system is similar to other studies on reforming Indian administration. Indian administrative officers are very callous towards people and, without any fear of aims of prevailing government policies. During the last decade the working of government offices completely disrupted settled positions and discouraged foreign investors with retrograde powers, although other arms of government were trying to woo foreign investment. Even an undemocratic countries like China, Indonesia, Malaysia were more preferred destinations for foreign investments. Even Indian industrialists started moving out to China and rejected their own homeland due to corrupt and unfriendly attitude of Indian system. Economic policy has become highly negative or unprogressive in its approach as the bureaucracy that implements policy lives in wonderland. Before economic reforms in India, bureaucracy and administration must be reformed and that includes Indian judiciary too.
For example, Shome group’s gave some suggestions to reform tax system. Those suggestions are honestly applicable to other departments and judiciary too. But suggestions are bound to meet with stiff opposition from within as administrative reforms imply that their existing cozy, unaccountable and safe arrangements will be disturbed.
Today, tax administration, bureaucracy and judiciary , in a poor economy, pursue works and unrealistic manner and fail to implement people’s friendly system. Same applies to tax collection targets, with no accountability and responsibility for the national good. Simultaneously, there is an environment of distrust, where genuine complaints, forget about anonymous complaints are not attended to, make to irrational environment through out the nation. Unless this system changes, it is difficult to get out of the current trend of high incidences disputes and total chaos. This also wastes lots of energy, time, resources and money, where all the departments have had a low success rate, hardly between 11% and 13%, in the Supreme Court. Such bureaucrats must be punished summarily.
All the study groups want all the barriers between administration and people must be removed and the focus to be people’s welfare. At least 10% of total budget needs to be spent on customer service and each rule reviewed regularly, the groups unanimously recommends. On the policy side, the studies feels retrospective amendments should be avoided as a principle. The broad thrust of these recommendations makes sense and should be integral to Modi ji’s reform programme.
All the departments and judiciary must have a yearly calendar like university calendar to finish the work in a time bound manner, failing which responsibility must be fixed and concerned person must be punished speedily. There should not be any mercy for corrupt and inefficient Babus and merit and hard work must be recognized and reward.
1-No body should support the corrupt, inefficient and unmeritorious babus.
2-The government cannot give to anybody anything for which he does not deserve.
3-What one person receives without working for, another person has to work without receiving. This is a crime.
4-You cannot improve work culture by merely recruiting non deserving in the name of social justice or social welfare.

5. When 80% of the people get the idea that they do not have to work because the other 20%are going to take care of them, and when the other 20% gets the idea that it does no good to work because somebody else is going to get what they work for, that is the beginning of the end of any nation.

6- Countries like China, Japan, Israel and Singapore have no so called social welfare schemes. They believe that such freebies schemes spoils not only the charterer of an individual but spoils the national character. They develop the tendencies of begging, corruption and inefficiency. They believe in hard work, merit, character building and nation building.

Friendship With Pakistan

July 4, 2014

Our true friendship isn’t what we observe with our talks,
It is smacked within our heart.
But trust, understanding, loyalty, and sharing are lost.
It is vital that our true friendship is a unique phenomenon,
Which can never happen, as it sans well-being, strength, and quality.

Friendship does not need tokens of gifts,
Or fabulous dramas, and talks to be valuable or valued,
For long lasting worth and fulfillment,
True friendship needs un-exhausting trustworthiness;
Understanding, unrivaled trust and eternal sharing.

Deep distrust, hearts drown in hate;
Mixed with Jihad madness,
Kills the sense of friendship before lifetime!
All the dullness and sound of gunfire,
Brought to heart and mind; You are a rouge friend.

You were a mask of friendship,
To hide the dirt and shade hate,-
This debt we pay to our innocent guiles;
With torn and bleeding heart we smile,
We move In the shadow of graves.

Happy Cow in a Temple

July 1, 2014

I’m a blissful cow in a temple
If I had power of talk real 
I would tell you all 
To be blessed by my eye ball 
I’m a blissful cow in a temple. 

I’m a blissful cow in a temple
There are no new ploy you can feel
I’m energetic and cheerful 
And, like a pleased led, hop my tail 
I’m a blissful cow in a temple.

I’m a blissful cow in a temple
My joy is always is to lecture
Whatever the teller 
It’s the best shrine for seer 
I’m a blissful cow in a temple.

I’m a blissful cow in a temple
As I hear the devotees jostle 
I bless and I smile 
Long into the blissful
I’m a blissful cow in a temple. 

I’m a blissful cow in a temple
And I don’t fancy to start to peal 
But if you ask me idea delightful 
The finest thing to be wonderful
I’m a blissful cow in a temple. 

Against Child Abuse

June 30, 2014

When I see scores of people 
Those openly loathe children, 
I an saddened and shocked, 

Having one of them, I was not 
Special, very difficult to confess, 
But the majority children do not. 

Exceptional. The bitter memory of 
Brutality, seizes their out-sized and 
And large, memory biting like a scorpion. 

Like an ugly mad dog: Means Father 
Rev. Joseph from the Church school; 
But converted into a living hell. 

Slapped you for weeping out. Children 
frightened by his sight, but other prefer 
To remain mum reflecting slave mindset. 

The viruses life leads to failed life, 
Feel enslaved in that falsely glorified, 
But sick and hurt in heart. 

Each child turns into a rough sea, 
Artificially decorated body, turning pale; 
And more difficult to live in with. 

Waiting for the light from heaven to fall, 
But become impossible to accept. 
Like us, but even weaker hidden in a mask. 


June 29, 2014

I was feeling low and dry,

Brooding on my fate wry.

Suddenly saw a woman stunning,

Passing with a smile dazzling.

Walking she hobble down aisle,

Oh, God ! She has one leg and a crutch,

Oh, God ! Forgive me, I have two.


Lashed by agonizing heat,

I rushed to cool my parched throat, 

Jumped and broke the queue,

Contented and happy, offered a few coins,

To the man pumping the hand-pump, 

Shaken and dismayed as he has no hand,

Oh, God ! Forgive me, I have two.


I was tearing to see the dark around,

Rushed to buy some candle bound.

The lad gladly talked and sold,

Unmindful of the fearful dark fold.  

Left light and happy for words kind,

But said he, I sell light but I am blind.

Oh, God ! Forgive me I can see and have two eyes.


Back home, saw a street child, 

Others play but he stood and gazed,

I stopped and asked, “Why don’t you play”

Lost and looked ahead with a smile,

I know not; he was deaf and dumb;

Hence couldn’t speak and hear;

Oh, God ! Forgive me, I have a tongue and two ears. 


With legs and feet to bear my load,

With hands to act with my will,

With eyes to enjoy beauty and dawn’s glow,

With ears to hear all the hymns,

Blessed indeed to face all the shows,

World is always otherwise, ignores inner self,

Bringing all our tears and sighs, we live in mask,

Oh, God ! Forgive me I lost my self for a while.



June 29, 2014

No quota or freebies but only character and patriotism;


Can make a nation great and strong;

Citizens who for truth and nation’s name

Stand tough and sacrifice all without a murmur.  

Great men who work while others sleep or loot,

Who faces rough challenges while others eat and drink—

They guards the nations’ honour and construct pillars deep,

And take the nation to brightest heights.



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